Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekly Recap & Pairings

Heyyyyyyyyy!  How are youuuuu?  I hope your (last) week went very well -- it seems like several of us blogging--runners are in a rut with running, blogging, or both.  *Group hug* because for real, we're all in this together.  I'm hoping to read some great news from y'all today, and if not, I'll read as a *listener* (sometimes that's all we need -- someone to just listen).

Last week went pretty well for me.  I'm not sure if that 10K got the stick out of my butt, but I had a solid training week.  Windy had a wonderful week, too, in smashing her weekly mileage PR!

Monday started off with a solo spin with heavy climbs.

And it was finally cold enough for me to open up my hot chocolate drawer at school!  Work husband and I enjoyed a cup during our prep -----> perfect.

RANDOM but AWESOME pairing:

Tuesday morning brought on a rainy, cold run with Windy.  3.17 soppy miles, and Windy didn't even mind getting all wet.

Another awesome pairing:

Wednesday was another Windy run.

Thursdays are my rest day, and thus, are all about the giggles.

Friday was finally here, which left Windy and I with another 5K.

It was also our Halloween fun fair at my school!  Specials Teachers (me on the left, work husband in the middle [he's 6.5], and our Art Teacher on the right) stick together on things like this:  We were Rock, Paper, Scissors this year.  For some reason, I thought that scissors should look angry and raw!

Windy and I got up early to rock out a four-miler.  It was so crisp and beautiful out, and I believe I spied a few snowflakes.

Harry cheered me on from home. <3

My second job = a sports administrator for my school district, so I get to go to all of the fun things on the weekends, such as our City Championships for Cross-Country.

Most of these days include a lunch I can eat right out of the box, and Starbucks doesn't disappoint.

We had Sophs this weekend (though we didn't go ANYWHERE -- Harry was feeling crummy, I felt pretty cold, and I think Sophs just felt like being lazy), but we kept with tradition =

Hot chocolate + "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".  I felt like expressing my true feelings for Lucy by way of Snapchat.

Sunday morning was to bring my longest run in quite a while, and finish out my biggest weekly mileage week in over a year.  I figured that this called for a totally new playlist.

So much Olafur Arnalds.  He's my music bae.<3

It was cold and sunny outside, and the new running tunes did their job!  Feeling motivated and strong after I finished, I celebrated (after taking a looooong, hot shower) by taking two naps over the course of four hours.

What do you think we should pair with this?  A tasty stout?  Steamed milk?  Double up with hot cocoa?

Weekly Workout Recap!
Monday - 45 minutes spin, with jumps, hills, sprints, and jogging out of the saddle.
Tuesday - 3.17 miles with Windy
Wednesday - 3.1 miles with Windy
Thursday - REST
Friday - 3.1 miles with Windy
Saturday - 4.1 miles with Windy
Sunday - 7.53 miles

TOTAL:  21.01 miles

Really the only thing that was missing was a Yoga sesh, to which I will definitely make time for this week.:)
What were your miles like this week?  

Is it cool or cold where you live?

Let's get real and talk about food:  FAVORITE kind of cookie?!


  1. I'm trying to decide today: studio yoga or yin yoga at home? Hmmmm

    Great costume--when my sister and I were in Palm Springs we saw a great rock, paper, scissors sculpture!

  2. Lunch in a box is better than something else in a box, if you know what I mean ;D
    The costumes came out so well! AND I NEED THOSE OREOS


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