Monday, October 16, 2017

Life Things + One Rant (HI, AGAIN!)

Good gosh, I miss you guys.  Like, often.  I might snap a dumb picture of my food and think "My blog friends would love to see this...right?  I mean...right...yes...maybe...when I get a minute, I'll show them...", and then bam -- life happens, and I deprive you of said picture.

Ummm, on a related note: Windy likes pumpkins.

While I do catch up with you guys every once in a while, I have yet to readily blog about things as of late.  Everyone has a life, with life things, with life happening, and life blahs.  I know I'm not special (well, I kind of am...just like you!).  I have no real excuse for being away, and that's okay.  We'll just pick up from where we ended...

Work = awesome.  I'm a rockstar at work.  This has been my year of "no"; that sounds terrible, but let me explain.  I have taken on too much work in the past -- too many titles, too many projects, too many side projects, too many help offerings, too many events, too much "yes".  I've worked myself into a corner for the past few years, and I finally had enough to say "No, thank you" to some things.

I get the misnomer:  The P.E. Teacher doesn't have to do as much as classroom Teachers.  I don't have to do the SAME things, but that doesn't mean that I don't work as much!  I teach ENHANCED Physical Education; that means that I do not roll out a ball and expect students to entertain themselves, nor do I push students to participate in elimination (DODGEBALL...It has NEVER BEEN PLAYED IN MY GYM on MY WATCH) games.  I integrate math, science, and literacy into every lesson for grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade.  I most likely teach things you never learned or encountered in your "gym" (PLEASE call it "PHYSICAL EDUCATION"!) class.  I work my butt off to ensure that my students walk out of the doors of our school with the knowledge they need to make amazing life choices pertaining to their health.  I take my career and my job titles very seriously.

Also?  I like to cheer up my Kindergarten students with Snapchat filters when they're feeling blue.


That word "no" has been pretty powerful.  I mean, I'm not a brat about it.  I'm solution-oriented, so if I have to decline participation in something, I'll still attempt to help find someone else to fill the spot.  It's pretty cool when you realize that it's okay to say that word to your Administration/Boss/Leader, and they understand.

As my husband says, "Happy Wife = Happy Life".  We don't even see each other nearly as often as we used to, what with an additional title that requires my attention on Saturdays (I'm an athletic coordinator for two networks in my school district) and things that occupy our weekday evenings.  We're good, though!

Windy is EXTRA great!  She's running with me (about 11 miles per week for her), and she just had her first vet appointment (under our care).  Her new vet and their staff totally rock.  And Windy is negative for all of the yucky things.  She's a very healthy girl!

(She heard a kitty meow from the other room when I was taking this picture, hence the head tilt.)

Running and cycling are happening, but (of course, there's a "but") I have some things going on.  There's nothing wrong with my foot, but there's nothing great about my foot.  The top of my foot and ankle keep getting stiff, and even if Eric the Acupuncturist works on it and loosens it up, it gets stiff again within a day or so.  I'm still trying to figure out an action plan; I know it involves some Yoga and swimming!

Harry and I were talking earlier yesterday afternoon, and I've come to the realization that I do not put fitness where it should be.  I CANNOT EXPLAIN TO YOU how this happened.  It was happening before I got injured.  My priorities have gone rogue, and I wish to do a million things at once.  Wish = it never happens.  I make a plan, and fail in followthrough.  I've always preached that the more prepared I am, the less failure occurs.  And that's MAJORLY true for me.  I am a machine when I feel like everything is in its rightful spot.  

With that, I cannot explain how my plans fall through.  Last week, after spinning in the morning, leaving my gym bag with a fresh set of workout clothes for some afternoon lifting in my gym locker, with the full intention of going back to the gym to get that afternoon workout done, I waltzed into the gym, got my bag out of my locker, and left.  Without even guilt-tripping myself.  Without reminding myself of why.  I knew that I still needed to lift, but everything in me said "Nope -- get your bag and leave."  Just a bummer.

I'm wondering if this is a phase.  Have I trained and trained and now I'm just not motivated?  I make excuse after excuse, and KNOW that I'm making those excuses when I shouldn't.  I have been better than this before.  So what's so different now?

These are the ramblings of a crazy Tiffany.  I just can't.  I'll figure it out, and I'm serious, add some insight if you have any!  PLEASE.  I'm befuddled by my lack of...well...wanting to take care of myself.  It's the strangest, and I dislike it.  One thing I know to do is change what I dislike: A change I've made is taking a break from Facebook (I'm still on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat).  There's too much going on at the moment, and I feel like I get sucked in so easily.  I'll probably go back once I feel like I have more control over things.:)

I'm gonna end this weird blog post with two things that I currently love, k?

Go get these from TJ's.  Now.  If you don't have a TJ's nearby, send me your addy and I'll send you some. <3

I'm the last person on the planet to use  I got a free credit (you can, too, if YOU are actually the last person to use it:P), and totes bought the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone audio book.  The cooler weather kicked in today and really got me in the mood to listen to it!  And with a 45-60 minute commute to work, and another 45-60 minute commute home from work, listening to books is a much better option for me.

Y'all have a great week, and I'm off to read all of your bloggies to see how your life is going!<3
WELL?!  How are YOU doing?  Big plans going on lately?

Do you use  What are some of your favorite audio books?

What's a misnomer about your job?  I'm REALLY sure that we all misunderstand until we're in each others shoes!


  1. I hear you on the lack of motivation to do "all the things that you should be doing" with regards to fitness. Sometimes, we just need a break. But I'm so happy to hear you back here again!


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