Sunday, July 16, 2017

The anatomy nerd in me is freaking out.

Before I startle you with my fantastic day (lol), I want you to throw this onto your running playlist.  Yup, it's an old song, but if you have never run to it, then you absolutely must.

My goal was to make it to this bridge.  I knew that it was a little over 3.5 miles (marathon training up and down this route made me very aware of every mile marker), and though six miles was what was on the schedule, I opted to go the extra mile.  Everything felt great, so I decided "Why not?".

I ran past this van and thought it was pretty freaking cool.

Cooler than Monica and Phoebe's on "Friends".

Before I knew it, I was done with seven miles, and felt pretty darn good about all of them.

It ended up being a progression run, and this is something I really need to be careful of in the future.  I always end up speeding up at the end of my long runs -- it's like I just want the dumb thing over with or something.;)

I got home, and this little girl wanted to go for a walk.  I think she was kind of irked at me for not taking her for a run with me.  She's really been getting hyped before we go out for the easy threesies.

I drank half of this smoothie before thinking about taking a picture of it for you.:P  It contained one banana, tart cherry juice, organic almond milk, frozen red raspberries, and Vega Sport Recovery.

Harry went to pick up Sophia, then they head over to his family's house for a while.  Windy and I hung out and attempted to be proactive.

Dinner was a giant burrito and elote from Cochinita ------> Chicago [northside] peeps ------> try it out if you haven't been there yet!

And for dessert?!  Horchata rice crispies!

We were all stuffed and snuggling happened for the rest of the evening.

Random, but I want a five of these cubes.  Four for the school, and one for me at my house.  I <3 <3 <3 anatomy so much!  Sorry for nerding out, but I know some of you will understand.:)

Sunday plans?

Do you have any vacation plans coming up soon?

Do you foam roll?  When do you like to do it -- before or after your training?  


  1. So we finished GoT aka are all caught up and have canceled our subscription so that when the new season is all on HBO we can go gangbusters on it. With another free month. Because we are cheap. #weknewthis

    1. Oh my gah. I have to remember this for when we visit. #NOSPOILERS

  2. I seriously need to start foam rolling!

    1. I'm going to go over this in another post, but I had to set a timer to remind myself to do it!


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