Friday, May 12, 2017

Choices, and my new adventure!

THURSDAY = Rest day!  Wooooo!  I barely rested outside of a training session, but oh well.:)

Don't you hate love *sigh* it when you get to a meeting, and they try to wreck your breakfast...?

Don't worry -- the banana won..this time...

This is where the professional development I went to yesterday morning was located:  An old, closed elementary school, in the gym.  I cringed just a little knowing that those beautiful hardwood floors and basketball rims weren't ever going to be used.  Ugh.

LUUUUUUNCH!  I was starving by the time I got back to my school (guess I should've eaten the candy?), and couldn't wait to dig in to these goodies.

Later in the afternoon, I got my third graders to make some flowers for Mother's Day. <3

After one more meeting after school (omg I never thought this day would end, for real), I went HOME.  It felt good to sit and relax for a moment before making some yummy dinner.  Linguini with olive oil, pesto, and cherry tomatoes.  

We ended the day with some "Full Frontal" with Samantha Bee ------- LOVE HER SO MUCH!
Other than being back to running and racing, I'm SO excited to say that I'm back in school to get my Masters degree!

(Master of Science in Education with a specialization in Physical Education and Coaching Pedagogy, to be specific.)

I told everyone at school, the fam, and friends, and received a ton of support...thank you to everyone who congratulated me on getting in!

I still sort of want to find a part-time job for the summer, but I'm taking on a good amount of courses during the summertime break.  I'm taking my courses online, because honestly; I don't have the patience to go to a campus (so much waiting for parking...walking...blah).  My goal is to be done in no later than a year and a half, so I want to get as much done during the summer.:)

The first summer semester doesn't even start until May 30th, and I've already gotten my first syllabus.  FUNSIES!

I'm pretty freakin' stoked to start this new adventure, y'all.  I feel like I'm in just the right spot with my career to take this extra step, and I cannot wait to learn more about my favorite thing in the world (my job...:).

Have an awesome Friday!  THE WEEKEND IS HERE!
What's your workout for today?!

What is your favorite distance to race?
(I still don't know the answer to this for myself.)

Any plans for Mother's Day this weekend?!


  1. Soooo glad you're running again. And congrats on going back for that master's!!



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