Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Everything Hurts.

DOMS.  Sweet DOMS.  It usually takes muscles to go into Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness about 24-48 hours post-activity.

It took less than eight for me to start walking with tender leggies.

The Nike Training Club workout that I completed the other day had a ton of plyometrics in it, which are awesome exercises for building up muscle fibers, working dynamic flexibility, as well as enhancing injury-prevention.  If you haven't done them in a while, they're sure to make you feel like a total noob.  It's been about six months or so since I've done them, and apparently that was long enough for my brain and muscles to have forgotten the results.

Just these.  They use to be my fave when I was a bodybuilder.  As an endurance athlete?  Not so much.:P  I'll learn to love them...again.

We came back home yesterday to the Chi, after a nine-day visit with my kinfolk (fam).  BUT before we could leave, my Daddio and I had to go to our favorite hole-in-the-wall breakfast spot.

Blueberry pancakes, coffee, and bacon = the way to my soul.  My very cholesterol-ridden soul.  One thing's for sure -- if Harry and I did anything while in Texas, it was exercise our taste buds.

We hung out for a little while longer, watched the Rose Parade (did you seeeeee?), and some of the Rose Bowl, before taking off for the airport.  I'm always sad to leave my parents, but I was really excited to come back home.

Harry and I kept ourselves entertained by watching "30 Rock" on the plane.  He has one of those nifty splitters to where two people can listen to something; we basically keep it in our travel bags just for something like this.

Plane sunsets are pretty nice.

We (finally) got home and I found ONE MORE GIFT under the tree!  All of the other Rock N Bloggers had received their gifts and were posting them in our forum.  I couldn't wait to get home and open my gift box!

No makeup.  Lazy traveler over here.

We ordered pizza, watched "Black Mirrors" and called it a night.  Harry miraculously got some laundry done (what...? the washer and dryer work at 8:00pm?) and I hit the sack.  I have four more child/student-free days to enjoy!
Do you incorporate plyometrics into your training?

Let's talk travel!  Do you have big plans in 2017?

What's your favorite breakfast item?
(Pancakes could totally win in this category for me.)


  1. UGH I hate plyometrics. But I make everyone else do them. For me :D

    1. And you get paid to make them do them, for you. :P Bless the life of being a personal trainer.

  2. My coach used plyometrics to torture, I mean train me for my epic Chicago marathon. I've already asked her to bring it back for my Grandmas training. So effective!

    1. Smart Coaches everywhere! It's tough when you know that you should be doing them...self-torture isn't as satisfying as making someone else do it. Like, ever.

  3. im not a plyometrics fan... ouch and omg those pancakes look great! i love pancakes

  4. Oh, DOMS. I'm right there with ya, hahaha. I made the mistake of attending a fitness class the day after leg day and they did a whole hell of a lot of squat jumps and alternating jumping lunges. I wanted to die. ;_;

    Hope you enjoyyyyy these last few child/student-free days!

    1. The day AFTER leg day?! Nooooooooooooo!>:O

      ENJOYYYYYYYYYYYYing as I type! Thanks, friend!


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