Monday, December 12, 2016

When I plan ahead

Happy new week!

Quick reality check:  Christmas is LESS THAN TWO weeks away.


Our Saturday funsies were cut short by thiiiiiiiiiis.  All of thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis.

Harry didn't feel awesome, either, so that did it.  We were supposed to go to a Christmas party, hosted by my Solemate and our Fearless Leader from the 606 running crew.  Duh, we were sad pandas about not being able to go.  We made up for it with some chicken fried rice and a Tarantino movie ("Django Unchained" -- watch it).

Sunday was also easy-breezy.  We head out into the white stuff to grab some lunch (smart) before heading to the grocery store.  Subway, ftw.

I didn't want a whole bag of chips, and since my new goal for 2017 is to be less wasteful, I opted to beg Harry to share with me.  He did.  This much.:)

Off we went!  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  I'm very thankful that I'm within walking distance to a grocery store.  It isn't our favorite spot to get food from, but it'll do in a pinch.  I didn't wear Das Boot for this trip, and rightfully so.  I needed to walk without it for the day (my "weaning workout"), plus I had no idea how the Boot would react with the snow and ice.  I reckon it wouldn't have been a comfortable walk.

I found this stuff...and I need it in my life.

We grabbed everything we needed for the week, including stuff for Harry to make chili.  Since there was about five inches of snow on top of my car, I decided to go ahead and clean it off.

Harry got a great shot of that.

Harry got to work as soon as he walked through the door.  I swear, his passion is chili-making.<3

Meanwhile, I took this opportunity to get cozy and enjoy my daily challenge (hot chocolate streak).

This weather is PERFECT for GoT watching!  Harry and I plowed through every episode earlier this year, but I felt like re-watching it.

And now I have the theme song stuck in my head.

This is my favorite place in the house when it's snowing.  Harry jokes about how much Chicagoans (and others -- Suz) loathe snow.  I love it and can never get enough of it.

Plus, my booty stays really warm (I'm sitting on the furnace my PJs...that's right!  I got home and got right back into them.  What?!:)

Dinner was served.

And I basically passed out after that feast.  Yummmmm.
In other news, I am READY for this week!  Having everything done by Sunday evening A-L-W-A-Y-S makes me feel so great and enthused about the week to come.

Laundry done?  Yup.

Groceries in the fridge and pantry?  Yes...but you already knew that.

Meals planned out for the week?  Basically (enough to not bother me).

Bag packed for the gym?  YES!

Workouts set and ready to go?!  WELL, YEAH!
^^^ It's mostly spinning and cardio, but I've updated my calendar with the workouts that need to happen.

Something that I have learned to be 100% (seriously, 10 out of 10 times) true is that when I plan ahead, I am a total rockstar with my week.  Everything from my lesson plans to my workouts, I am ready and without any excuse.  The very fact that I'm prepared is actually exciting to me -- sometimes adulting is fun.

It obviously can't all be done on Sunday, but I do most of it + relaxing during that day.  I even have a little list that I go by that includes updating my calendar with workouts, finalizing a weekly summary for my administration so they know what I'm working on that week with the students, and packing my bag (I will never leave my brush or hair dryer at home again...NEVER EVER, I TELL YOU!).

One way or the other, when I have a bag packed and a plan for the week, I'm sooooo ready to rock.  It's no wonder why I've had an early bedtime for so very long; I really love to get up early and finalize my day, which makes me really stoked.  It's sort of like goal-setting for each day, and if you reach your goals, you can rest your head on the pillow that evening without a doubt in your mind that tomorrow you can do the same thing.  That sounds like a fun daily game, right?

Go rock it out today, friends!

ALSO?!  In case you DID NOT KNOW, Miss Marvelous herself had a beautiful baby girl this past week!  Congrats, lovey, and as always, thank you for being the best hostess with the mostest!
How do you plan for your week?  (Or do you even?!:)

Do you lift weights?  How many days per week?

Do you like chili?  Are you a winter or spring chili fan?
-----All the way winter chili fan------

What's your favorite TV show to re-watch?
------Scrubs, 30 Rock, House, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, PLLs------


  1. I will concede: this is very nice and pretty snow. Now, as long as it is plowed, I will allow it to stay.... but even you can't be happy about the whole Wednesday/Thursday temperature plummet.
    Chili and soups know no season. In my opinion. Like ice cream.

  2. Thank you, and procrastination nation here, girl!

  3. Hope there's as many beans in Harry's chilli as ketchup in a Chi hotdog ;)


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