Wednesday, December 14, 2016

They love me, part II, and random eats

Happy, happy Wednesday!  I can't believe it's already the middle of the week.  We have eight more school days until Christmas break, so I'm very thankful that it feels like it's going quickly.

Because let's be honest...we need the break just as much as the kids do.  But I'm lucky, a lot of my kids love me and work really hard for me in the gym.


So our ARCTIC ASSAULT came through Chicago yesterday.  This was what the temps were like before that.

I think the high tomorrow is going to be one...single...digit.

I hit up the gym yesterday morning for some cardio madness.

25 minutes on the stair master ----

20 minutes on the rowing machine ----

And a little five minute walk on the 'mill, all without the boot ----

So I was telling you yesterday about how much my middle school girls love me.  They really are the sweetest.  I don't have many challenges with them, other than the random "Mean Girl" episode every once in a while.  But I really look forward to seeing every single one of them every day.

Despite "making" them exercise, they do really nice things for me.  They make me cute crafty things

They stash surprise treats in my (one of my) snack drawer

And they loooooooooove to play.  This one makes me the happiest!

(This game was actually meant for third graders, but they wanted to play it.)

This is what happens when one of your Teacher friends sees your girls having so much fun in P.E. --- they wanna play and produce awkward pictures, too!

In other

My lunch must have smelled good yesterday...?

I celebrated National Hot Cocoa Day (DID YOU?!!!)!  Day 13 of my Hot Chocolate streak, boom.  From my Instagram!

Afternoon snack was DELICIOUS

Harry and I were OYO ("On Your Own") for the evening (he had an ugly Christmas sweater work party to attend), so I threw something simple into a bowl.  TJ's has yet to fail me with the yummy things.

I'm off for another solo-spin-o!  Have a fantastic Hump Day!
What's your favorite find from Trader Joe's?

Tell me about someone you enjoy seeing every day.

Any Teachers out there?!  Holla if you hear me!


  1. I love the Tarte Alsace pizza. SO good. And your kiddos are so awesome, and obviously they love you and bring you presents! You 100% deserve it because you are a) amazing at what you do and b) you LOVE it and do it for the right reasons.

    1. Have I told you that you're my favorite cheerleader? Because you are.

  2. I'm not a teacher (my mom is though if that counts) but this is the first year since I graduated college that I have a "winter break"!! I finally saved up enough vacation days to have some days off during Christmas. I usually have to work the week between Christmas and New Years but not this year :)

  3. Send me a list of your favorite things, and I'll send you some TJ's versions of them.:)

  4. I hear ya...I still remember christmas holiday break when I was a teacher loooong time ago.... TJ's crack filled apple cider FTW! PK

  5. I <3 that your girls love you! I look forward to seeing some of my long time patients--it's like greeting an old friend.

    1. I think that when you care for someone on a level like that, you make a bond for life. I can see how every visit would be special!

  6. As a Mom, I love when teachers post about how much they love their students! I have a middle school daughter, she's a great kid, but those "mean girl" moments hurt my heart and make me remember my middle school days. Ughhh.


    1. Amen? These were some of the toughest years for me, so I'm very sensitive to the *mean girls* attitude.


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