Monday, August 1, 2016

Yoga in the street, my foot, and HAPPY AUGUST!

Holy cow, is it already August?  We all say it -- THIS YEAR IS GOING BY SO QUICKLY!:)  We have the SUMMER OLYMPICS coming up, and I'm happy that we're one month closer to:
  • Autumn (Some of y'all know that I'm obsessed with cold weather, and absolutely despise the heat.)
  • Football season (I'm not a baseball fan, but the Summer Olympics will definitely break up the span of time between the NBA Finals and the beginning of the NFL season.)
  • School starting (No, I'm not a parent.  Yes, I am a Teacher.  I can't wait to get back to work!)
  • Running in cooler weather.
Let's talk about that last bullet in a minute, k?

First, let me show you what Harry and I Sunday morning.  At 9:00am, we hit one of the streets in our 'hood for some Yoga.  Our local council set up a visit and 90-minute Yoga sesh from Julia Stemper, a local Yogi (WHO IS FANTASTIC!).  There were about 15-20 neighbors that came out, and Julia led us through a wonderful Vinyasa.  I loved her attention to form detail -- she corrected me a few times to open up my shoulders, something I desperately need to focus on when I'm running and when practicing Yoga.:)

Side note:  The lady next to/in front of me (in this picture) had to have been about six or seven months pregnant.  You kind of can't tell from behind, but she had the cutest basketball-belly just inside her shirt.:)

On top of a 90-minute Yoga class very close to my home, I was pretty darn happy about the weather.  73*F and partly cloudy...perfect!

My view from Savasana.  It was so nice to gently flutter my eyes open to see this, rather than a ceiling of a room.

Let's talk about some goals and challenges for August, because there's no better time than to start on a Monday, on the 1st of the month, right?:)

  • A friend of mine tagged me in the 22 Push-Up Challenge for Active Heroes just yesterday.  I'm starting this today, so the next 22 days will include 22 push-ups each day.  I will most likely tag some of y'all.;)  I'm doing a random Squats Challenge, as's just good sense to have a strong booty for running.
  • As I stated above, the school year is beginning soon (we actually start the day after Labor day), and I'm going to finalize lesson plans and whatnot before going into professional development days.  I may even run up to the school to make sure our office and equipment rooms are organized -- WE DON'T GET TIME TO DO THAT during PD days!
  • MORE YOGA -------> Two to three times a week!
  • Less sweets (not a weight loss thing, but it wouldn't hurt, ha!).  Let's be honest:  The holidays are coming.  I want to prepare myself for indulging small amounts and actually showing some control when they're here.
  • Become injury-free.  Yes, that's a goal/challenge.  I have an appointment with a podiatrist on Wednesday, and while I'm kind of afraid to find out what's going with my left heel (PF or something worse?!), I'm excited to find out so I can get on the road to recovery.  I have been through the most injuries of my running (hobby?) in the past year, and I need to try to work on everything as a whole.  I have several more races to do this year, and I really want to be able to actually race them.  Get me?
My favorite running memories have happened running in cooler weather.  While I'm merely a hobby jogger, I have goals of my own, and I haven't taken them seriously for the past year.  I'm really hoping that I get some news on Wednesday, so I can keep dreaming of heading out for a run.  Like I said before, I just want to know the cause so it can be fixed.


I'd take good news any day of the week.:)  Good vibes, please!

I hope that the beginning of your month is going well so far!  I know there's a lot going on in our World, and sometimes it's hard to find, but there's a whole lot of GOOD things happening!

Also, the internet makes me cry.

Have a marvelous day, y'all!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Do you enjoy running in cooler or warmer weather?

What was the last challenge you took on?


  1. I can't wait for school to start either...selfishly, I'm so over doing school physicals! LOL

    Your outdoor yoga looks fun! I do yoga on my back deck and there's nothing better than sun salutations under the sun. For real.

  2. I do love summer. But cool weather running wins, hand down! School starts here in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!!! Too soon! Why oh why can't we go after Labor Day??

  3. I am ambivalent about it already being August because while I like fall, it also signifies the coming of cold weather. :[

    I hope your left heel is okay! <3 That flashmob choir is awesome!

  4. I do yoga on my back deck and there's nothing better than sun salutations under the sun. Thanks for sharing Sakura Beauty

  5. OOOOOO TAG ME TAG ME. I need to do this!
    And I think that we would have a riot if we shut down the streets around here for yoga. Sad, but true. Fingers crossed for you fooooooooooot!


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