Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Twofer and Celebrating

Well, I knew that I would have to do Yoga at some point.  I mean, YES --- I NEED TO.  I've needed to for a LONG time, but I've had what I'll consider several challenges (cough) for a while now.  Yesterday, I really didn't have any excuse, and I really wasn't about to go for a run outside with a few inches of fresh powdery snow on the sidewalks of Chicago.

Preparing for a yummy lunch!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, yeah.  Off I went!

One of my Yoga challenges is that they closed the gym close to me.  I KNOW, RIGHT?!  RUUUUUDE!  I used to go to an AWESOME class on Tuesdays, and I could rely on myself to do Yoga one other day of the week.  Without any classes scheduled during convenient times for me, I have no outlet to zone out and really focus on my body.  I was a Yoga instructor for a few years, and hardly considered my classes as workouts, since I was thinking and speaking for most of the session.  I needed something to help me focus on me.

Behold, an app.  YEAH!  I'm getting the hang of using apps lately.  This one is called "Yoga Studio".  I'm doing a review on it on Friday, so stay tuned.;)

My school is on the same block as this gym, so yeah, that works.  I got to park at my school and hoof it in the snow.  I'd consider that a warm-up.  By the time I was done with Yoga, showering and getting ready, it was time to start my work day.  

Time to hoof it back and grab real P.E. teacher shoes --------> sneakers.:)

Lunch, ready to eat!  ME AND BROCCOLI = BFFs lately!  And one serving of Cuties = three.  Always.

After a pretty good day (the kids are so happy lately -- is love in the air?!) I got home and immediately jumped into running gear.  I was going to get my heart pumping no matter what!  By now, the sidewalks were mostly cleared (like 97% clear), and there was the prettiest snowfall going on, so I just had to bundle up and get out there.

And smile.

But you can't tell from this picture.

One foot in front of the other, and I honestly wasn't even that cold.  I felt all of my muscles thanking me for the stretching I had done earlier in the day, and my heart and feet felt so happy and in unison.

The only music I want to run to in such conditions = Lindsey Stirling.  Beauty and beat!

A very easy afternoon run was just what I needed to complete a Twofer on a Tuesday.

I saw my Suz post this on her Instagram

And googled to confirm...?

Now, Tuesdays are usually reserved for tacos, because we like alliteration in this house.  HOWEVER, because it was National Pizza Day (or at least one of them; we apparently celebrate again on November 12th), we had to get TACO PIZZA.  Harry will try to tell you that he came up with this idea, but it was totally all me.

And finally, our awesome neighbors left these for us.  How lucky are we?<3

FINALLY ---------->

TODAY IS MY AWESOME DADDIO'S BIRTHDAY!  Leave a birthday wish for him, and I'll make sure he sees it!:)

This is my fave picture of us --------- from my very first 5K ever!

Did you celebrate Fat Tuesday or National Pizza Day (part I)?

Do you use any Fitness apps?  Which one(s)?

Random running questions -----> Name one favorite piece of running gear!


  1. I didn't know that pizza day was a thing. We eat pizza every Friday here! We did have spaghetti and meatballs yesterday. Does that count for a Fat Tuesday meal?

    1. Oh we enjoy pizza a couple of times a week, but I've been trying to get it down to just Fridays as of late. I just gave in on Tuesday.:P And yes, that could count!

  2. Every day should be national pizza day, for reals. And taco pizza sounds pretty freaking excellent, and perfect for your Texan heart.
    I think Fat Tuesday was actually this Sunday, honestly.

    1. PERHAPS. But really, I just called "Fat Tuesday" -----> "Tuesday".:D

  3. I love pizza and did not realize it was National Pizza Day.


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