Saturday, January 2, 2016


Hey!  Happy page 2 of 366!  Here's how we spent our day 1:)

My husband signed us up for the 2016 NYD5K in Lincoln Park.  This is the third year that I have run this race; I love that it's a tradition race for us.  My parents came along with us, but dropped us off at the race start  They're both from Texas and not used to the at all.  I wasn't about to ask them to watch us/wait for us in the ("feels like") 10*F.  Dad, against my wishes, ended up filling up my gas tank, and Mom got herself something from Starbucks while we were running.  I guess everyone won.

Harry and I before the race, and I'm not entirely sure why we're all thumbs-up here.  I'm really not.

Our runner friend Jenn found us at packet pick-up.  What are the odds of seeing someone you know at a race that hosts 1000 people?!

Actually, I know the answer to that question.  Never mind.:)

Much like my first NYD5K in 2014, the course was covered in snow and ice.  I don't know how the lead runner won in 17:__.  Seriously.

Harry had run ahead of Jenn and I, and appropriately got into photo-snapping position after finishing.  He got a few good ones of me finishing.  Thanks, Kid!

 The obligatory "Stopping my Garmin" shot.

VERY SLOW -- VERY SAFE -- 5K to start off 2016.  I was so happy to run with Jenn, as she is coming off injury as well, and was in no rush.

Afterward, Harry and I took my parents to our traditional NYD5K spot for a brew and some awesome food = Revolution Brewpub.

My chicken-fried steak ------------OHMYGOSH.

We had to drop my parents off at the airport:( soon after getting home.  Once Harry and I got back, I threw some edible luck into the crock pot.

It was the right thing to do.  Here's to a year of luck!

Runner's World recently posted this article, Six Ways to Change Your Running for the Better in 2016, and I am sooooooooo posting this near my bathroom mirror (I still sometimes need daily reminders like that).

Six simple ways!  Two things that are actually built in to my 2016 goals are becoming strong all over (helloooooooooo, strength training!), and trying to find my jolly self once again.

After being inconsistent (also discussed in this article) and injured this year, taking time off has made me appreciate the cold mornings when you don't want to get out of bed.  If anything, this article has helped me embrace the very things that I, and maaaaaany other runners, need to work on for their best running.  Go check it out.:)

And speaking of joyful things...


My fave.:)

The first race isn't about learning what you are capable of, but rather about learning that you are indeed capable. Remember that. More Inspiration and motivation for running and life at

Good 'ole Suz.  When you're down, she'll pick you up.  When you need a giggle, she is there in a flash.  If you need a hug, guess what?  --------> her arms are open to you.  <3 YOU, FRIEND!
Did you run on the first day of the year?  Is that an important event for you?

How often do you see your family/loved ones?

MAJOR GOALS for the new year?  Work?  Family?  Fitness?  Where's your focus this year?


  1. I love that this article said to run joyfully because being joyful is my intention for 2016! I wrote about it yesterday. Coincidence? I think not...

  2. LOVE YOUR FACE. Also, how on earth did that person win with that time in those conditions? I only could if I slid on my belly on the ice... Happy New Year lovely!

    1. Seeing the lead man running on ice was pretty amazeballs -- both feet flying out to the side.

  3. I just had to check what that temperature was (-12C to a Brit) - OMG! That is cold!!! I think I would freeze before finishing, so your time is awesome :-)

  4. Brr, that's cold! Excellent work. I recently moved to Wisconsin, so I need to step it up a bit for winter running. Didn't run on New Year's Day (injured, hooray), but I did strength train and eat black eyed peas, so I'll call that a win for now.

    1. WORD, girl! Healing thoughts heading your way. Let me know when we can run together?:)

  5. I know that you will think I'm crazy, but I'm jealous that you have snow...I know it's not great for running, but I really miss it. It sounds like you had an awesome day!!!

  6. You earned that chicken fried steak!

  7. I did run on NY Day! And yes, I always wonder how folks run super fast on ice and snow!! Great job - and I love Suz as well :)

  8. I was not brave enough to go out in that weather. I stayed home all day long.

    Oh, and strength training is definitely on my calendar this year.


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