Saturday, May 23, 2015

'Scuse me, and other Saturday ramblings.

Yesterday morning was so stinkin' gorgeous.  I was supposed to make up my Monday morning swim, but totally bailed on it to go for a run.

And I'm so very happy that I did.

'Scuse meeeeeeeeeeee while I kiss the sky!

(Forget the fact that two neighbors walked past me during this shot.)

Now, let's be honest.  My basketball team (San Antonio Spurs) were taken out in the first round.  I'm not used to this at all.  So I have the Blackhawks to root for, and while I'm superstitious about words regarding the series, I'm going to say that it doesn't look awesome.  I realized that I don't have anything else to look forward to, at least until football season (I really can't stand baseball).

ALAS, it occurred to me that MasterChef comes on soon.  How soon?  I checked it out.


Regarding yesterday's question and which song to play for the first graders playing Freeze Tag.  I was wrong.  This rocked harder than Hammer...somehow...

Since my commute home from work has been exponentially sucky as of late (it's been taking me anywhere from an hour and fifteen minutes to two hours to get home!  WHY?!), and the three-day weekend traffic was already building, I grabbed some snacks and found a new route home (thanks again, honey!).  It only took me an hour going this new way home, AND I didn't go hungry.

Harry brought home a brand new eight year-old last night.  Apparently she's going into business at some point.

Does pizza taste better on Fridays?  It seems like it.

Sophia makes iMovies.  They rock more than anything on this planet.

And any day is SOLID when it ends with the Spongebob movie.

*RANDOM* and will probably not stick around, but that's my first blue checkmark to follow me on Twitter.  And it just so happens to be a very handsome man.


I'm off for a run now, but Sophs and I are ready to make cookies today!  Cookie winner will be announced tomorrow!<3

*BRAIN HUG*!  I don't know what to think...

Luke Reilly was stand-up paddle boarding about 200m offshore yesterday when an orca "popped up" next to him.The killer whale checked him out for about 5 minutes and even had a nibble on his board.Watch the full clip:
Posted by 3 News on Day o' the Moon, Month o' May 18, 2015
How are you starting off your Saturday?

Do you drink coffee in the morning?  What's your favorite kind/brand/type?

Anyone wanna bet to see how long Mr. Diggs (or his bot) follows me?
-Five bucks on three days!  I'm blessed just to think that he *acknowledges* my existence.:)


  1. Yes. I drink and love coffee. But, I have cut back to 1, 2 at the most from 4 cups. I'm a lot less edgy ha! Have an awesome weekend Tiffany!

    1. My work husband asked me how much coffee I drink (because I was cooing over my cup of joe) yesterday. I was like "...two...? Is that bad?". Apparently that's average? I don't know.

      Enjoy your weekend, friend!

  2. Love that shot! Adorable! I also gorged myself on Skinny Pop last night, but the regular, not the white cheddar. And Twizzlers bites/"nibs" are the best! I binge on them before marathons, because carb loading. Best part of marathon training.


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