Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Stuff and B+

So here's the deal -- I'm gonna show you stuff since Friday.  Because seriously, when you get a chance to hug a giant bag of Skinny Pop popcorn, you document it.

Also?  Getting AWESOME seats at a Chicago Fire soccer game is a great way to end a kinda stressful week.


It started raining when we sat down, and all through the game.  We hit up the concession at halftime to get a weather/water proof blanket.  It was the best purchase of my life.

We picked up Sophs Saturday and took FOUR BAGS of shoes and clothes to The North Face to recycle for #ClothesTheLoop!

We filled up the box.

Harry takes so many pictures that Google+ turns it into a gif that makes sense...kind of...

We might as well SHOP while we're there, right?

And finally got home, IMMEDIATELY jumped into our PJs, and started dinner:  PIZZA ROLLS.

And something sweet to end the day.

Sunday morning = CHILL OUT.  Sophs and I started the Spongebob Squarepants-athon around 8:00am. After some lunch and more chill out, we took off to explore some of Chicago.

So now I'm going to get serious, albeit Marvelous, but in terms of training.  I have to take a week off from running.  This seems to happen to me right around the time that a new, more strict training cycle is about to happen -- I get the wonkies (for right now, a terrible headache and some Achilles weirdness is happening) and I need to rest.   So this week, I'm going to cycle, swim, and get myself back into Yoga.  

Rather than getting down in the dumps over something I cannot control, I'm going to remain positive in recovery.  I know that this can happen to me (it happened last year two weeks before Chicago Marathon training commenced), and I'm lucky enough to have the time and experience in training to know better than to freak out.  

And speaking of being positive, here's your *BRAIN HUG* for this Monday.:)

Do you have a plan of action when you have to sit on the bench for a while?

Recycling shoes and/or clothes:  Do you do it?

Tell something marvelous that you're looking forward to this week!


  1. WE ARE IN THE SAME PLACE right now. But I don't have cake. And I also can't walk. And this is longer than a week. But still. I'm declaring it so.

    1. LET ME GET YOU SOME CAKE. Maybe it'll help...maybe it wont, but no matter what, it will be delish.


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