Monday, April 13, 2015

Some Marvelous News on Monday

So many Marvelous things, so little time.  This past weekend was full of so many marvelous things that I have to include a thousand pictures.  Shockingly, I didn't take pictures of everything I ate -- You're welcome.:)

First off, I am S-T-O-K-E-D to have a new Ambassadorship with The North Face Locals!

Some lovely things came in the mail the other day.  I was so excited, and above all, very lucky.

 I couldn't wait to try everything out.

And to go test some of the items out on the run.

A swim Friday afternoon = SPRINT SUCCESS.  I haven't (MADE) time for swimming nearly as much as I need to.

Since I am completely and utterly ravenous 99.568% of the time after I swim, I took along a snack for post-workout.  This hit the spot until Harry treated me to some BBQ for dinner.

 And a couple of brews.:)

Saturday's long run -- 12 miles.  It was my Mom's birthday (yaaaaaaaaay, Momma!), so I called her during my run.  She was doing her morning walk, so it worked out well, both of us huffin' and puffin'.  I liked talking to her so much, I called my Daddio immediately after I hung up with her just to chit-chat.

Some hang-time, some errands, and we met up with Adam and Terri for a Saturday afternoon bike ride.

It felt freaking awesome to get out

Sunday morning = DONUTS MORNING.  Glazed and Infused donuts at our local coffee shop, Portage Grounds.

Glazed and Infused makes some messed up stuff -- Blackberry cheesecake, peanut butter chocolate, my old-fashioned with sprinkles, and THAT'S A FRITTER if I've ever seen one!

After some down/digestion time, Harry and I set out to give the North Face Ultra Trail's a trial run.  I'm not the biggest trail runner, not extremely technical trails anyway, but I definitely loved trotting around in these.  I will do a full review on them very soon, with a longer run --


...Since this is what we found after about 400 feet of trail.

We took off toward the other way.

And we got randomly interrupted by a Sophia FaceTime call, where she showed us her homemade braces...?....?....?....

And then we found the end of this part of the trail, as well.  #TrailFail

We got in exactly one whopping mile!  I was really excited to try out these shoes, and they were awesome for the short amount of time I was in them.  First impression:  I couldn't feel any of the rocks or mud through which I was running.  

As for our trails in Chicago, well, I think we're pretty flooded for a while.  I gotta find something that doesn't run along a river, heh.

The rest of our Sunday was low-key, just waiting for rainstorms to roll through.  I also got something brand new that I can show you in a couple of days!:) 

This weekend is the Carmel (Half) Marathon!  I am feeling SUPER marvelous about that!



Trail running:  Do you do it?

Donuts:  Do you love them?

Marvelous:  Do you feel it today?!

Any races this past weekend?  TELL ME ABOUT IT!


  1. SO COOL! Look at you, TNF star! And I love that yellow/pink top, btw. If I wasn't terrified of wearing different shoes for longer than just a workout, I would be all about that!
    GnI donuts. YES. mmmmmmm

    1. One of the things we should do together: Run and donuts. Runnuts?

  2. OMG...those donuts! I love how active your weekend was. The extent of my activity was working in the yard/garden. In FL's humidity, that kinda feels like a workout :P

    1. Oh I hear you on the humidity. I don't miss Texas in that aspect.:)

  3. Congrats on teaming up with TNF! That's awesome!

  4. Woo hoo, look at that awesome TNF haul! So jealous! And I'm really, really jealous of those doughnuts. I'm doing a clean eating challenge for the month of April and I'm really craving all of the processed carbs I see. Glad you had an awesome weekend and that you were able to get out and enjoy the awesome weather!

    1. Let's celebrate together at the end of your challenge.:)

  5. Ahhhh! That's so exciting! <3 Congrats to you! I love all the bright happy colors! :]

    Plus so happy that it was nice enough for you to be able to go outside! :D

  6. Congrats on your ambassadorship!! You rock lady! Those donuts look delicious too.


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