Friday, April 17, 2015

Road Trip & Race Signs

omg I have NOT been ignoring you guys, but this week has been bananas.  So Harry and I took off this morning for Carmel, Indiana for Carmel Marathon weekend.  But first, we needed coffee.  And a cherry danish.:)

We packed up the bikes, since we really want to hit the trails while we're in town, as well.

I'm still not used to getting to another state so quickly.  Texas is like the size of five or six states itself, so getting to another state is sort of a big deal if you live in the larger cities (i.e. Austin, San Antonio, Houston).  Indiana is just a hop-skip-and a jump from the Chi.

Pit stop:  gas station Subway.

We went right to the Carmel Marathon Fitness expo.  There were w TON of vendors!  Anything you could possibly need or want (and we totally forgot race day nutrition) was right there for you to peruse.

We picked up our packets, shopped the Expo for a bit, then head to the hotel.

After some chillout and weekend planning, we head of to grab some pre-run fuel.  A friend of Harry's suggested "Some Guy's Pizza" in the city.

My pre-pizza salad.

More pre-pizza food:  bruschetta.

And finally, pizza.:)  It was delish!

Some of my favorite race signs that I saw at the Carmel Marathon fitness expo!  I can't wait to see them out on the course.

I'm not gonna lie:  I have had some achies lately - particularly in my right Achilles.  I have taken off the past few days from EVERYTHING (rest sometimes = good stuff), and I plan to take the run very easy tomorrow.  I know that it won't be a PR, with being sick, and a couple of questionable aches that have made me slightly paranoid in the past few months of training.  I know for sure that it will be a fun run, and seriously that's all that matters.:)

Stay tuned for the race recap and other newsies!


  1. Good luck! Hope the race goes well! Glad you got over there safely and have been enjoying your stay so far. The weather was beautiful this morning in the suburbs, hope it's the same over there in Indiana!

  2. I ran the Carmel Half Marathon this morning as well. It was a great race. My first since my hamstring injury, cancer reoccurrence scare and sinus surgery four weeks ago. God is awesome.


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