Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Eat All Day Long.

I can't tell if The North Face sent me a couple of cold weather things at the first of Spring because they KNOW how Chicago weather can be.  Either way, I enjoyed covering up in the threads.

The North Face Dynamix Hoodie -- I loved what I called "the kangaroo pouch".  I threw my phone and keys in here, and plenty of other stuff could've fit.

Gorgeous sunrise!

I can't with the self-timer.:\


I finally, finally, finally got a hold of some budget cash and finally, finally, finally got some pinnies.  I was so excited to see them in use for the first time that I decided to document it.  The fifth graders were pretty happy, too.

And onto my meals throughout the day -- #WIAW


Hotel breaky (I didn't take a picture of my eggs and toast and banana yesterday, but you have to know that this muffin was the BEST I've ever had!).

The usual morning snack ("second breakfast"?).

The usual lunch.

("Second lunch?")

("Pre-dinner"?)  I seriously can't stop grazing, and I want to keep fueling throughout the day.

Dinner last night:  Chicken enchiladas with Spanish rice!  <3

And a brew from Jester King (in my home country!)

Do you have a few big meals throughout the day, or do you graze?

Selfies:  Pro or just can't?

TOP THREE FAVE MOVIES (that you can think of right this minute)?

Do you have a favorite brewery or brew you like to enjoy on a random Tuesday (or whenever)?


  1. Multiple meals throughout the day. Traveling is a bit different, but at home, multiples. That way I can just pretty much always be doing one of my favorite things :D

  2. Enchiladas for the win!

    Also it's nice to find another second breakfast, third lunch type of gal.

    Happy WIAW!!

  3. You are a woman after my own heart! I eat all day long too :) luckily I usually balance it with enough exercise, like you do, but some days I definitely do NOT and then I feel it the next day haha. I love your attempts at the self-timer. HUGE difference between that and a selfie. I only condone selfies for blog use, and even then, use sparingly, folks! It gets obvious when someone is taking a selfie for the wrong reasons. Those enchiladas are calling my name!

  4. Your day of eating looks kind of like mine lol! I thought second breakfast, lunch, and dinner were a thing?

    That Northface jacket looks awesome! I love that pocket!

  5. I'm a total grazer and my hubby calls me Snack Attack! I've tried eating larger meals but I end up getting hungry just as quickly so I stopped trying! They say eating Mini Meals are healthier anyway!

  6. I love to eat too!! As for selfies, I have yet to learn to take one and actually like it.


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