Thursday, March 26, 2015

#TOLT: About Last Night...

Hiya, and happy Friday Eve!  Time for some thoughts -- in purple...?

1.  I'm SUPER-DEE-DOOPER happy that testing is over at my school!  I've had to go into the classrooms, which isn't a huge deal, but it's definitely not my comfort zone.  We celebrated yesterday by watching a movie that I haven't even seen yet.


2.  Track night = me working on running and taking not-so-blurry pictures.  I clearly have a ton of work to do.

3.  My fifth graders get my sense of OCD.

4.  Sure, one of my favorite things is running.  But running + Harry is pretty much the most funnest thing.

5.  #Truth on a Thursday.  

6.  And back to last night.  Note Noah's fruity drink going for the *clink*

7.  Ummmmmm, me @ 12:15pm every single day.

Since Harry and I had Taco Tuesday the night before, with plenty of leftovers, I threw taco meat, tortilla strips, tomatoes, peppers and guac into an enormous bowl of greens and had a taco salad.  I was drooling all morning just thinking about it.

8.  Behold:  A free school breakfast.  Also, I had it as my morning snack.  The other option (they get two each and every day) was an egg and cheese muffin sammich.  I didn't exactly have food remorse over this, but the muffin sammich seems like it'd be tastier.

9.  Harry, Jeff and I hit the trails last night instead of doing the speed workout.  We have a race this weekend and wanted to keep the speed on the DL.

The hills felt awesome on my hips!

We got back to the track just as the Gang was finishing up.  We joined them for a set of push-ups.

10.  Your *Brain Hug* for this Thursday!

Thanks to our beautiful hostess, Amanda!

Plans, races, funsies this weekend?  TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

Also, I haven't asked -- How are you?:)

QUICK:  Favorite Tom Hanks movie!
-"Forrest Gump" is mine and my Daddio's favorite to watch.


  1. Ha! I also feel like that dog with how excited I get to eat :) Good luck with your race this weekend!

  2. Forrest Gump will always be one of the classics :) And I also really loved The Terminal. Oh! And does Toy Story count? ;) That picture with the ballerina feet makes me cringe big time, but it's so true. It's easy to look at the surface glamour and wish you had it, but there's a whooooole other story underneath that most people don't really consider.

  3. That corgi is me at just about any time. But not in a happy way. In an OMGYOUMUSTFEEDMENOWBEFOREIDIE

    My fave Tom Hanks movie is any movie that he is in.
    That Thing You Do is an excellent one that most people don't know about! You would LOVE it


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