Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It Doesn't Get Easier

I figured that since mine and Harry's Valentine's Day dinner was SO very delicious, that I'd make my #WIAW all about that!  Thanks to the beautiful Jenn @ Peas & Crayons for the (longest of all time) link-up!

What I Ate Wednesday Button

A brand new tavern just opened up LITERALLY around the corner from us, and we've been there before.  The ambiance is absolutely stunning, so Harry and I just decided to make that our V-Day spot (we didn't really want to walk too far in the cold, anyway).  Community Tavern must have the absolute BEST cheeseburger on the planet; I'm not kidding.  Harry mentioned that it was like an upscale Big Mac.  *closes eyes...mouth waters*  I had a hankerin' for said burger, so peering in and seeing that there was a table there just for us made the decision to eat there even easier.

We started off with a House Charcuterie Plate, complete with goose liver.  MOUTH-WATERING.  They pair the delicious cuts of meat with a (very) spicy, wasabi-esque mustard, and a jelly to even out the heat and the savory.  Onto my cheeseburger...nay, DOUBLE cheeseburger, that I finished without even thinking twice about the effects of what that much burger would have on my tummy.  Spoiler alert:  I was willing to do deal with it.  Harry talked me into dessert.  What a joke, like I needed to be talked into a decadent brownie sundae.

We practically rolled home.  And it's a good thing that we piled on the k-cals, since we were keeping up with a toddler (Harry's Godson and nephew) and a seven year-old the very next evening.  Sophs was a great helper, though I think she might've treated Louie as though he was a puppy, rather than a child.:)

So much chocolate happened this past weekend.  It was insane.

Also, I couldn't have asked for a better time for my girl parts to do their thing.  Embrace the "I WANT CHOCOLATE" cliche ALL DAY LONG!  However, I should mention that I indulged way too much and made myself sick at one point.:(

#SNL40.  Did you watch?

And regarding a more serious, training-related topic, I'll be honest: I wish that I could lie sometimes.  When friends, family members, strangers or clients ask about how they can "get rid of this pooch", I am inherently obligated to tell them "There's no such thing as spot reduction.  Keep working your booty off and it will eventually shrink."  Or when people say "I don't know how you do it...get up early and run...".  Frankly, I don't know how, either.  Other than I put both feet on the floor, slide out of bed, get myself a cup of coffee, and get out into the cold, dark morning.

I've said a thousand and one times that we all have the same hours in a day.  I have friends who have children, hectic work or school (or both) schedules, and manage to get some time to themselves to train.  Does it all boil down to determination?  Because it certainly doesn't get easier.  If anything it becomes harder; harder to run longer miles before leaving for work, harder to get in the (albeit, indoor) pool when it's freezing -something*F outside, harder to manage food throughout the day.  Energies have to go somewhere, and I'm constantly struggling to find the balance with life, relationships, work, and training.  I'm hardly ever truly balanced, either.  If I'm killin' it at work, allowing myself to let go of some control and focus on teaching quality Physical Education to my students, I'm probably not training as well as I should be.  Vice versa, or focus diverts from blogging entirely (see the last week of no posts whatsoever).

I think that somehow, at some point, your determination button clicks and before you know it, you're banging out 10-milers before you leave the house at 6:45am for work, then hustle to the grocery store, then hit up a Yoga class.  It's tough, and it's never easy.  It's just what I'm sure I'm meant to do, and I'm sure anyone reading this bloggie feels the same.  I will become better at the balancing act, but that will take time.  At the very least, I know that I can close my eyes with peace in my heart every night knowing that the next day will bring me rapid air to my lungs, spirit in my feet, and the wind on my face.  That brings on the determination naturally.


And from the Department of "YAY!", I found THE dress!:)

Valentine's Day candy:  Yay or nay?

Are you/Were you a big SNL fan?
-I used to watch it on Nick at Nite when I was a kiddo in the 80s, so I've watched all of the goodies, from Gilda Radner to (what I'd consider the last time I really watched) Will Ferrell.  Beyond the late 2000s is a bit past my level of interest.

Last AWE------SOME meal you ate?


  1. I am/was a big SNL fan and I enjoyed the tribute - though I didn't get to watch the whole thing (sad face). Congratulations on finding the dress! VD Candy? YAY. I gave up sugar with my husband for lent so no candy for me for a while (another sad face).

  2. Mmmm all of the food looks so good! Congrats on finding THE dress!

  3. Now I want a big ol cheeseburger....I'm at the hospital and will have to settle for the banana I brought with me. Glad you had such a nice Valentine's Day!

  4. Yay for the dress! And you are right--you find and make the time for what you need to do, you find and make the energy for what you need/want to do. But way more important is finding the balance between need and wants. And that goes for everything--diet, exercise, work, training.
    Last blow my mind meal were 2 meals that I had in Seattle: Whale Wins, and another that I will review soon!
    I miss youuuuuuu.
    PS when are we ever finally going to meet up? Speaking of making time! Are you doing Shamrock Shuffle or LakeFront 10? I'll sign up if you do!

  5. You are COMPLETELY right. It's easier said than done, but it really does take a lot of hard work and "going out of your way" to be healthy and fit! Hope you have a great day :)

  6. I watched the SNL thing. The Jim Carrey being Matthew McConaughey from the Lincoln commercials absolutely killed me. It was great.


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