Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tunes and #WIAW

Oh my gah, my city is so pretty.

I started my day yesterday with a pretty cold, kind of awkward run.  I felt great, for sure, but my gait felt so weird.  Could nearly two weeks of resting have caused some wonky-ness like this?  Maybe.  Either way, it felt awesome to hit the pavement.

The "Cuties" Pandora station is perfect for my second graders, especially when we're playing a "Walk the Lines" game.  

From the department of "Tumbling and Gymnastics", we were working on balance and teamwork today.:)

Time for some #WIAW from Peas & Crayons!  Also, I found the border button on the PicStitch app.  Go me!

Grocery shopping after a long day probably wasn't the very best idea I've ever had.  Harry and I got a hummus tray with four different types of hummus in it from Costco.  I really wanted to have that for a snack for whatever reason, but we didn't have anything in the house to dip.  I looked everywhere for Pita Chips, but couldn't find them.  Wha...?  I got the Pita Bites instead.  They were just fine, but they did the trick.  The White Fudge Oreos...well...they've been my Daddy's favorite for as long as I can remember.  He can't really eat them now (something to do with his digestive system and chocolate not getting along), so I guess Harry and I will do that for him.

I went to a relaxing Yoga session last night, where we did a moon salutations.  The instructor was very particular, which I appreciate.  She also played a ton of singer-songwriter tunes, artists like the Civil Wars, and even Radiohead.  It was pretty awesome.:)

Speaking of awesome:  Instagram-love! BEAUTIFUL.

I'm off to get some happiness right now!  Y'all have a MOST WONDERFUL Wednesday!<3
How often do you make the mistake of going to the grocery store slightly hungry?
-More often than should ever happen.  So.many.cookies.

Christmas Tree:  Up or down yet?
-We are putting ours up with Sophia this weekend!

Yogis:  What kind of tunes do you like to listen to while doing Yoga?


  1. So sweet of you to enjoy a few of those chocolate covered oreos for your Dad. What an nice daughter. :)

    1. Right? I mean, tradition is tradition. Who am I to break it? I mean, really.

  2. I only go to the grocery store slightly hungry. Otherwise, I can't decide because I have no motivation. The other option is to go directly after having eaten (so that I'm not starving, but food is on the mind). Seal is great throwback yoga music btw

    1. I usually go after a snack, but I had to book it there before Yerrrrgah! Boo. :P

  3. That egg over easy on toast looks cooked to runny perfection! I hate when I over cook my eggs! Coffee=Joy, yes. The only thing that could make that oreo better was if it was a peppermint oreo covered in white chocolate.


      Holy Moses. I have a new mission.;)


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