Saturday, December 20, 2014

My New Favorite Accessory [Clue: It's a BELT]

HI!  I know, I've been gone again.  I had my very first formal evaluation from my Principal (and she thought I ROCKED) this week, and with so many activities going on at the school, on top of obsessing over perusing over wedding dresses and ideas, I haven't been able to post.  I have the next two weeks off, so you're stuck with me now.:D

In other news, I had a brilliant opportunity to try out something I've been curious about for months.  FitApproach and FlipBelt teamed up for some #holidayshopping FLIP + BELT fun!  Check out the short video they made to show the FlipBelt in Action!

FlipBelt In Action from FlipBelt on Vimeo.

Of course, I got pink.:)

I don't even notice that this is around my waist.

Key Points for ME:

  • It stays completely flat against my waistline.  I haven't found a waist pack that will stay put for the life of me, no matter how flat it is.  The strap eventually lengthens, or it rides up past my waist.  It gets bouncy, and then I have to deal with something bouncing around my waist while I'm running.  Talk about taking all the fun out of it.  With that said, I've tested it out, and the FlipBelt doesn't move!
  • I can put my phone, ID, credit cards, and whatever else I need in the belt, and know that it won't fall out.  The material is extra tough  (92% MicroPoly, 8% Lycra)!  I tested it out on a race day (The Rudolph Ramble 8K), and it was PERFECT.  I didn't have to carry anything in my hand, nor did I have to check a bag.
  • It's extra versatile.  You don't have to be a runner to use it.  You can wear it to the gym while lifting (I have always put my stuff on the ground, going from station to station; nope, not no more), in group exercise classes, cycling, hiking...anything your heart (and body) desires!
  • It comes in an array of sizes, XS-XL, all unisex.
  • The material is moisture-wicking.
  • It's ONE POCKET.  If you wanted to slide something over, you can easily maneuver it from the outside.  

FlipBelt and FitApproach are offering a few fantastic deals!  

Shoot me an e-mail at to receive a discount code worth 33% off your FlipBelt order!  

I only have 15 codes, so please contact me quickly (you know...first come, first serve situation).   Two other bullets that I can add onto the list of amazing things about this new necessity of mine is that the shipping is FAST, and there's an abundance of colors available!

Go to the FlipBelt website and pick out your belt today!  They also make awesome gifts!


  1. I recommended this on my own running gift guide and am kicking myself for missing the trial through Fit Approach. I didn't think that it would be so awesome, but that seems to be the consensus that I am seeing in the running world. I have to get one!

  2. I'll need to look into this. My current one is too small :(

    <3 Jamaica King

  3. DUH you rocked it. I would have beaten that person up otherwise! Love my Flipbelt!


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