Monday, December 8, 2014

Let's Talk About Christmas Decorations!

I know so many people started decorating way early, but we wanted to late until we had a visit with Sophs to get everything squared away in the house.  We went right to the store after picking her up on Saturday, and these two had a mission:  DO NOT LET ME SPEND A MILLION DOLLARS IN TARGET.

They succeeded, but it was close.

Some family time afterward, where we got to visit with Harry's nephew on his first birthday.  Sophs made new besties and ran her tooshie off.  Harry also tried to turn her into a future WNBA player.

We got home and became decorating machines!  Harry quickly got the tree up, and Sophs and I organized lights and ornaments.  She took it upon herself to de-tangle all of the metal ornament hooks.  That takes mental strength that I can't fathom.


We grabbed these mugs from Target.  Perfect for hot chocolate.:)

Snowman marshmallows + a TON of whipped cream = Hot chocolate, by Sophs.

+ "Elf", our favorite!

These stockings holders.  As if we needed to be reminded which one was Sophia's.

And finally, our tree.:)

Sunday was serious downtime.  Sophia was slightly sick, and slept in until pretty late.  We had some lunch, visited with Harry's Mom (BIRTHDAY GIRL!), then dropped off Sophia and hit up the gym.  Harry and I both got on the tready for a short run, then grabbed some dinner.  I demolished my burrito.

And some dessert to end the night.  Plus a few more items that we found in the grab bag from Harry's nephew's birthday party.  Bwahahaha!

I'm linking up with Erin @ Her Heartland Soul, and Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for #MIMM!

MiMM MIMM #127 3 Word Weekend Highlights!

Do you want to buy EVERYTHING in a certain store?  Or more than a certain store?
-It's always Target for me!

Are all of your decorations up?  Do you wait until a certain day or weekend?
-I generally wait until after Thanksgiving.

-I can't pick just one!


  1. I like the way that you hot chocolate. Approved. I am one of those people that I either buy everything or nothing. Once I get going.... goodness. But I have gotten to the point in Target that it is almost like I feel bad for not overspending. Like I must make it my mission to go broke!

    1. We were just talking about Willpower the other day, right? I FLEXED THOSE MUSCLES.

  2. YUM!!!! We had some hot chocolate this weekend too, (but sadly no Chipotle which I LOVE.) And it's impossible not to go to Target and spend more than you intend ;)

  3. Sophia is quite the decorator. Can I steal her for the day to untangle our ornament hooks? Haha! I could buy all the baby clothes @ Babies R Us and all the decorations & furniture @ Pottery Barns for kids. Two extremely addicting stores!

  4. Ha! We decorated and had Chipotle this weekend too! But not hot chocolate....looks like we should have though because it looks delicious!

    1. Well good grief. Three of us had the same idea, and I'm the common denominator.

  5. Aww what an adorable setup! I love Christmas-themed activities :) My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas, hands down!

  6. Such an interesting post you have and the ideas are all great. Better to try these !!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  7. Ah, how cute are those snowman marshmallows?!


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