Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm Weary of Trying New Things...Unless It's Food.

The first installment of "Tried It Tuesday"!  Thanks to our beautiful host, Sara @ Lake Shore Runner!

LSR - Tried it Tuesday

I know it could relate to anything new.  Or at least I hope so, because food is on my mind this week.;)

I will try anything different that is food-related.  It's the new type of exercise with which I have control issues.  *le smirk*  My loot from TJs seems like a great way to kick-start the new linkup!

 My breaky yesterday morning was THIS.



Happy tummy.:)

I don't normally eat almond butter, or any kind of nut butter for that matter.  It's nothing out of a difference in taste or consistency; I do like many types of nut butter, but I just don't crave it.  No matter, this was a great combo, along with my daily banana.

I tired this for a snack.  It was DELICIOUS, and while I can't stand the idea of a low(er) calorie breakfast bar as a meal, it was an awesome snack.   They have this in several yummy flavors.

And I'll be a monkey's uncle.  I finished off this bag last night.

I plan on trying a new class this week!  I will definitely be touching up on that for next week's linkup!
As for the rest of my Monday --

But seriously, I thought my face was going to freeze off.

You know what's sad?  It might not even be sad, but a little silly:  I've seen worse.

I give you...last February.

My (not so yummy-looking) lunch, which consisted of leftover turkey chili and my greens.  That chili warmed my soul, and was especially needed on a day where we barely got over 20*F.

After work, I went to a Coaches' meeting.  We were served some refreshments, and as you can see, they offered some quite diverse options.

Okay, yes.  I had one cookie. <3

One more "Tried It Tuesday" item before I go.  Harry got home shortly after I did.  We snuggled up for Monday Night Football, and a brew.  We win Monday!

I had actually picked out this one at the store Sunday evening.  Looks like I killed it!  <3
Have you tried something new lately?  A new class, a new recipe, a new NOM NOM NOM?  Get in on the #TriedItTuesday Linkup!

QUICK:  Favorite winter/cold weather "treat"?
-I LOVE coconut hot chocolate!  I call it "German hot chocolate", since it tastes like German chocolate cake.  

Now I want some.

QUICK#2:  Favorite winter/cold weather reading?
-I'm never good at finding my own stuff to read...help!

I still want some German hot chocolate. 


  1. Thanks for linking up Tiffany!

    You can't go wrong with trying out new things from TJ's. That is usually where I am the most adventurous :) I am also not a fan of low calorie granola bars but the pumpkin TJ bars are pretty good too. I am very impressed you do not crave nut butter - it is something I could think about 24/7 ha.

    Look forward to hearing about your new workout next week!

    1. What's great about a Linkup on a Tuesday is that it helps ease the pain of it being Monday, part two. :D Thanks again!

  2. CHEESE PUFFS omg get out of my way I need them now. And Milk stouts are Alex's favorite, so we will definitely be on the look out for that. Have you had Dragon's Milk or Left Hand Milk Stout? Those are some other great ones.
    The temperature yesterday made me want to punch something. We aren't at baby-punching temps yet, but I say it has like one more week before we are.

  3. I am NOT ready for winter! At least all your foods look yummy! haha

    1. I still can't believe it's 18*F outside, and the sun is shining. :O

  4. Darnit, now I really want a cookie!

    I'm kinda weary of trying new things too (except most foods <3 ), but I've been trying to fling myself out of my comfort zone on a semi-regular basis because I think it builds character.

    I'm definitely not appreciating this cold weather either right now. :[ Chili and hot soups are making my life more wonderful though!

    1. Character building = YES!

      Mmmmm...reading about chili and soup just warms me...


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