Thursday, October 23, 2014

#ThinkingOutLoud: Music, Scenery, Giggles and "Thriller"

I'm lucky and blessed by many things in my life.  Thursdays give me an opportunity for reflection, for realization, for resolution, and for recognizing the things for which I am grateful.  All of these items come true to form in an OUT LOUD forum!

1.  A view from one of the teacher's classrooms at my school.  Hellooooooooo, gorgeous!

2.  Everyone should have this in their life.  Sam Cooke, The Soul Stirrers, or both.


4.  Dance Unit in my P.E. class.  And the only way I could really teach the kids the "Thriller" dance was to actually show it to them...from MJ, himself.  I got to discuss my passion for dance, and how it was mostly influenced by this man.  No matter his personal issues, that guy was my dancing, singing, life energy hero.

5.  Nice going, Wisconsin Marathon!  Now I have Eurythmics stuck in my head.

6.  Track night with the /R/iver /R/unners!  I haven't met up with these guys in about a month, since I was coaching volleyball.  They welcomed me back, with a dose of 800s.  Harry had Groomsman duties, so he was absent this time.

7.  The perspective people give with past characters within social media cracks me up.  Every time.

My fave:

8.   Somehow, we got onto the subject of Ren and Stimpy last night at the track.  The convo brought back fond memories for me...

We also discussed how much of a kid's show Ren and Stimpy WASN'T.  Hah.

9.  I gotta fly to New Zealand...NOW.

10.  My six year-old laptop that got me through college has just about had it.  MacBookPRO is calling my name!

Happy Friday Eve!  <3


  1. If I had that kind of view from a classroom, I swear I'd never learn anything because I'd constantly be looking outside :lol: And thank you for getting Happy Happy Joy Joy stuck in my head. That show was definitely a huge hit when I was growing up, but I have to agree -- definitely not for kids!

  2. I love that advert for the WI marathon. It makes me laugh every single time.

  3. I'm so impressed your laptop made it 6 years. That's like double the lifetime of any of my laptops.

    But you should totally get a macbook pro because they are so beautiful forever.


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