Monday, September 15, 2014

With Four Weeks Left, I Need a Plan [And #MIMM!]

It's no surprise that I get ahead of myself so often in life.  I like going FAST, and sometimes going FAST means that you're not thinking, or even being strategic.  I can't really say that's true for the last two times that I ran the marathon; I simply didn't have a strategy plan at all.

(To be honest with you, I'm sort of proud of myself for trying to come up with something now, and not the day before the doggone thing.)

Reading this article, and SEVERAL others, I've decided that a negative split is my best race strategy.  I got several awesome tips from Coach Jeff in his articles.  Mostly, I have some memorizing and mental workouts to do.

Additionally, I'm going to have to CONCENTRATE.  I cannot zone out for too long, for I need to really lock in on paces.  Harry has taught me a bit about this, especially for the half marathon.  I have to put that pacing mentality into double that distance, but while it seemed like a daunting task before, now seems like a fun way to mentally get through the 26.2.  My general attitude for pacing is "Just go until <this point>, and see what happens...".  In the two previous marathons, I'd set a goal pace, and by a certain mile, just not give a crap.  I have to stay tough mentally, even if it's to concentrate on some silly numbers on my watch.

This article provided more specifics in terms of actual pacing, and even provided a chart where you can put in your goal marathon finish time for negative split paces.  Tadaaaaaaaaa...

*deeeeeeeeeeep breath*  Maybe this is why I've never wanted to plan this out:  I didn't want to face what I have to do.  Looking at these paces kind of frightens me.  I have faced the distance before; that's not the issue.  Here comes the doubt.  Am I ready for that pace?  Can I even handle that long on my feet?  I have been optimistic up until this point; what changed, other than I had a dream that suddenly became a goal?   I haven't even hit tapering yet, and I'm already questioning my training and myself.  Mental preparedness is happening, though I have a lot of work to do.

One other article I found very helpful (and repetitive in all the right ways) was Coach Jeff's "Ultimate Chicago Marathon Race Guide".  It's all about the next four weeks where I keep mentally and physically preparing myself for this plan!  I have to learn to trust myself, and my leggies...they've gotten me through the distance before, and they'll do it again.  Just a wee-bit faster.:)


Dance/rock party in the Jeep EARLY this morning --

Spin class this morning!  Woot!

After eight hours of running around and playing educating elementary school children, I got home and decided that it's super gloomy out, and I should plop down and watch something wrapped in a fluffy blanket.

Perfect for gloomy weather!  <3

Perfect for snacking while watching something perfect for gloomy weather!

True story:  I didn't know "Chicago style" popcorn was a thing.  I got some at Garrett's (a famous popcorn place that I didn't know about...hah), then saw it at the grocery store.  Another true story:  It's farking delicious.

I want to make this...soon.

I hope you're having a fantastic start to your week, friend!  <3

Got any races or events coming up soon?

What's your favorite "snuggle up and watch the tube" show or movie?

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?!


  1. I came across this site which helps with pacing as well. It's more HRM based which is what I use, but gives pacing too. Seems kind of interesting, tells paces based on inputs of prior race and maximis heart rate.

  2. I negative splitted my first marathon and it worked out great for me. I hope it works for you!


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