Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wondrous Wednesday

For Wednesday!

ABSOLUTELY necessary prior to humid/hot/longer runs.

The trails are in that "overgrown gorgeous" status.  I can't wait for everything to start turning different colors for fall!  For this morning, though, it was about 67*F.  Some parts of the trails were misty...creepy!

Sweat.  Everywhere.

One thing I will miss about working in the suburbs is THIS TRAIL.  It's a 7.5 mile loop with rollers and some pretty big hills.  I really think that my legs and hips enjoy the snot out of hills, and I've really grown to love them since living in a place that is nearly pancake flat everywhere you go.  Ah well, it's not like I can't ever visit this place.

Nine miles.  Beautiful.:)

Later in the day, I prepared mine and Harry's *to go from home* dinner.  Fearless Leader Greg and Sole Mate Steph showed up to the bar after our track workout with a bowl of amazing looking pasta to eat, rather than gorging on burgers with the rest of us.  Harry and I decided to make that happen this week.  I'm shocked it even made it until after the workout; that sausage is DELISH!

WARM NIGHT.  I'm SO happy I got my workout done in the morning.  We had some new people show up to the group (Welcome, Nathan and Bart!), so it was a GREAT turnout!  I was so stoked to snap some action shots.

Everyone set their paces before taking off.  Harry was taking it easy since his hammies and glutes are giving him some minor problems.  Others wanted to do the speedwork that was provided.  It was about 85*F, so most were just going easy for the duration of the workout.

Figuring out paces...

Take off!

What a fantastic looking group!  

Once everyone cooled down and finished up, we took off to Revolution for a beer and some good conversation.  But before that, Harry and I devoured our dinner in the Jeep.  That's right.  It didn't even make it out of the car.

One and a half beers later, and we took off for the night.  EXHAUSTED.:)

I'm off to bed, like, right now.  Sorry for the bland post, but seriously...*see above*.  PEACE!

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  1. Gilberts makes Caprese Chicken Sausage???? WHERE ARE THESE HIDING??


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