Friday, August 8, 2014

Ten Thoughts on a 17-Miler [And I Also Seem to Pack Mostly Running Clothes]

I woke up this morning and immediately entered the blogging world.

That's a lie.  I got coffee first.

Everyone was posting their favorite race moments for this Friday!  Oh my gosh.  I got to read so many beautiful memories from races, inspiring, humbling, thankful, and wondrous.  So many people had fantastic pictures of themselves, crossing the finish line, hustling it out, looking tough and strong.  Some people describes moments of weakness, where they had to dig deep and get past their negative thinking.  I loved reading these moments, and when I wasn't thinking the following ten things, I was thinking about y'alls favorite race memories!  Thank you for the inspiration!  <3

I slathered on some sunscreen, cued up my Garmin, threw on my shoes (I can't say "laced" them up...they're ZOOTS!), kissed a sleeping Harry on the cheek, and stepped out into the cool air.  The first song on my iPod:


1.  I started thinking about this *TRUTH* for today.  So I thought about this for a bit, mostly regarding Harry and I.  Love it.:)

My next silly thought:  "Yes...two of anything is better than one...two cookies...two pizzas...two jars of Nutella...dang, I'm hungry!"

2.  "GOOD LORD, what is that SMELL?!"

3.  "Oh looooooook, two blocks' worth of sidewalk are ripped up, and I'm forced to run in peoples' yards!"

4.  "Red light.  I wanted to stop anyw...GREEN!  Never mind!"

5.  "I'm already halfway there!  Yeahhhh-yahhhh!"

6.  "dooooooom doooooom doooooom daaaadaaaaa, doooooooom doooooom doom dada...diiiiiiyayayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...daaaa daaaaa..."

7.  "So you stopped for the cyclist, but not for me, Mr. Mercedes?  ...*le grumble*..."

8.  Math.  Pace/distance/time math.  "If I hit the next block at this pace, carry the one..."



I chugged 24 ounces of water and got my smoothie together (strawberries, banana, almond milk, and VEGA Sport Recovery Accelerator).  I stretched a little (a very little; I don't like stretching immediately after a long run), then hopped in the shower for shower-bath!  That's right...a relaxing bath, with bubbles and some reading and pretty music.  My quads and calves felt so tight at first; best believe they were loosened up after an hour or so.

Harry and I are running away for the weekend!  I started packing and realized that I'm taking more running clothes than I am taking normal clothes.  Do you ever do this?

Harry finally got home from his 18-miler.  I'm pretty sure he left just as I got home, and we missed each other by a few minutes.  This is what he normally looks like post-run:  Handsome at any angle.

Lunchtime for me:  ALL OF THE FAT AND PROTEIN!  That's Wholly Guacamole on the toast, and I slathered my egg/egg whites onto each slice and devoured it.  In probably less than five minutes or so.

Of course, I'm still hungry.  *le sigh*   Magically, after I had this thought, this popped up in my feed on Facebook.

I mean, yes?  AND YES.  Harry and I are about to head out, and we're stopping by the grocery store to grab some snackies.  Lord, help me.  My plan is to continue to read the awesome tips while strolling through the store.
Plans for this weekend?!
-I'll update as mine goes along!  It's gonna be great!

What are your tips for not devouring everything in your house after a long run or intense training sesh?

Since food is on the brain, what's your favorite Tex-Mex menu item?
-Enchiladas!  I want all of them.


  1. This post made me smile. I do the red light green light thing often. On the one hand you wish for it and are looking forward to the stop then it suddenly changes on you and you have to readjust to the idea of keeping on keeping on. And the math, that'll certainly distract you for a bit of time trying to figure it out - or for me sometimes it's plotting distance so if I go south for x number of blocks, then maybe east, or possibly west ... Great job getting it done!

  2. Great job on the run! And way to stay with it all the way through. We all know that it is rare to stay in the mile the whole way. I don't usually pack more running clothes than regular clothes when traveling, but laundry is another matter entirely.
    And I just eat everything after a long run. I"m ok with that. I just burned 1xxxx calories. The next day is probably worse, haha.


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