Sunday, August 17, 2014

Marathon Training: Week X

True story.

Soooooo, by my math, that leaves eight weeks until go time.  I mean, wow.

I'm super-impressed with myself:  I've actually stuck with a training plan for longer than a few weeks.  Believe me...this is a miracle.  Even with life stuff going on and rearranging some training sessions, I've stuck with it.  I don't even mind solo spinning on Mondays.

Some pretty runs, some *meh* runs, Yoga and swimming were done!

There was the long run (18 miles this week).

Some noms were had.  o.O  Nutella and banana snackies, FTW!

Today, we attempted to head out to the Chicago Water and Air Show.  But as you can see, there wasn't much to see, at all.  Sophs busied herself by playing in the sand, while Harry and I nom'd on Nutella and banana sammiches while trying to have adult conversation with our friends.

After we dropped off Sophs, we head for the trails for the last run for the week.  Neither of us wanted to do this run.  At all.  We had the Super Bier at home, ready for us, and the Superdawg just across the street from the trail head where we parked.  WE HAD TO DO IT FOR THE SUPERDAWG!

And so, we did.:)  Worth every step.

Week Ten Wrap-Up:

Monday - 45 minutes spinning
Tuesday - 8.11 miles, 60 minutes Yoga
Wednesday - 1100 yards swimming, 5.01 miles 
Thursday - REST
Friday - 7.04 easy miles
Saturday - 18.05 long run miles
Sunday - 5.50 easy miles with Harry <3

43.71 miles for the week.
Something that cracked me up this morning, for all you cycling/TdF fans out there:

Also, did you miss my GREAT NEWS?  It's here!

I'm about to snuggle up with Harry on the couch.  Y'all have a great night, and (another) amazing week!



  1. Awesome post! I am 5 weeks out of my first ever half marathon and like you, its a first for me sticking to a training plan! so far so good! hoping for a good race day! The plan is to just finish, no time goals!

  2. Great job! Those are some really good miles, and especially on a peak week. I can't believe how close we are to the marathons either. But at the same time, I just want to do them, before something happens!

  3. Hah I know exactly which trailhead you used, because that is the neighborhood where I grew up. Superdawg is one of my favorite treats, and I'm so glad they have one nearby up here in the NW burbs!

  4. I LOVE THAT QUOTE! So many people have their own worst enemy between their two ears. I myself do not, I just have one crazy BIZZNATCH between my ears, but I accept her! ;)


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