Friday, July 11, 2014


I had the most glorious run this morning.  I left the house sort of late, but I didn't have to step into work until 8:00pm, so I wasn't too worried about when I actually started my run.  When I got out to the 'burbs to hit the trails, it was 60*F.  60*F!  WOW!  And sunny!

I was actually a little cold at first, haha!  I was so very thankful to be so spoiled.  I mean look at this place!

After my run and showering up, I hit up the training center on our campus.  Today, instead of school, we had a team building session with one of our fantastic campus trainers.  

My friend Barry's backpack.  I sent this picture to Harry, in which he replied, "WANT!".

My breaky that was provided.

Casey, our trainer, led us through so many activities and games.  One game we played was called "Werewolves".  omg what a riot that was!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd lunch!  NOM NOM NOM!  I opted for the Fuji-Apple Salad.  It was delicious and so filling!  Of course, it came with a cookie.  NOM!  Free!  MORE SPOILED!

A work day full of games, laughs, and some awesome team funsies, we took off for the hour early.

True story:  I used to attend a church near San Antonio where Max Lucado used to preach.  I miss his voice, his words, and his spirit...a lot.  I still get devotionals from him, and his printed words make just as much an impression as spoken words.  However, he gives me the option to listen to him.  :)

Harry and I have long runs and Sophia tomorrow, so we're keeping it low-key tonight!  Happy weekend, y'all!
Do you have regular team building sessions at your jobby?  Is it corny trust falls, or something fun?

Do you get as excited about free food as I do?  
-Probably not.  :P

Anyone racing or going out of town this weekend?  DEETS, PLEASE!


  1. YES to all the free food. And Team Building at my job is me abusing whoever walks by. They asked for it.


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