Sunday, July 6, 2014

Marathon Training: Week IV

So it's been a much more restful week than previous ones.  No visitors, no Sophia, but lots of social engagements.  We ate out four or five times this week.  Good grief!  I still got the majority of my training done, without swimming or cycling.  Our Fourth of July was VERY low key, thank goodness.  Turns out, Navy Pier and downtown were way worse in terms of violence and danger as they were last year.  I'm happy that we chose to stay in and watch fireworks from our back deck.  People were letting them off from everywhere!

 Saturday, we met up with some of Harry's family for a family outing.  Softball, BBQ, grilled burgers and hot dogs, delicious potato salad and taco dip were had by all.  Harry and I brought dessert, cookies and apple pie, in which we decided to throw on the grill, as well.

I broke in some brand new ZOOT Ultra TTs this morning.  This is my other rotation shoe, paired with my Mizuno Wave Riders.  These pairs alone probably won't get me to the finish line of the Chicago Marathon, but they will be there throughout nearly the entirety of the training cycle.

Harry ran a few miles later int he morning.  We hit up our favorite yogurt shop around the corner directly afterward.  I was in a fruity mood today, rather than craving chocolate.  I treated myself to some mango froyo with fruit and some of those squirty beads.  Mmmmmmm!  Harry shamelessly got a LARGE sized cup, and filled up that bad boy with what his tummy desired.  It just so happens that Harry's tummy wanted Rice Krispie Treat froyo with cheesecake and cookie dough bites.  o.O


Week Four Wrap-Up (STEP BACK WEEK):

Monday - 30 minutes of Yoga
Tuesday - 4.1 easy miles
Wednesday - 30 minutes of Yoga, 6.04 speedwork miles
Thursday - REST
Friday - 4.03 easy miles
Saturday - 10.1 long run miles 
Sunday - 5.1 easy miles

29.37 miles for the week, and as a step back week, that's fine by me.  


Y'all don't forget that ZOOMA Chicago 10K and Half Marathon is coming up in about four weeks!  Use my discount code CAMB14 for 20% off either distance if you want to run with me!  :)


  1. Great week! Despite my love of chocolate, I'm always a fruity fro-yo kind of girl. And I love those squirty beads!

  2. Rice Krispie Froyo should be a standard everywhere. I needs it. I hear about how crazy the area around me was, but I didn't get involved a) because I was sick b) Alex got off late and c) because we watched the fireworks last year and they weren't that impressive. And people are stupid and I didn't want to deal with them anyway! Glad you had such a good cut back week!


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