Sunday, July 13, 2014

Marathon Training: Week Five

No cross-training this week (swimming, cycling, Yoga) thanks to my erm...mishap...

So yeah.  This week was sort of underwhelming in the training department, but the mileage did come easily.  Harry and I were supposed to race an 8K Thursday, but he had to have some emergency dental surgery that morning.  I ran the distance Friday morning instead, and figured I probably needed a week off from speedwork anyway.  :)

This morning's six-miler went very well, no matter how much Harry told me I need to slow down.  I went out-and-back on a street that I don't regularly run on, and it was a fantastic time.  Exploring while running can be one of two things:  Very frustrating, or very reassuring.  I felt very confident and safe in the direction I was heading.  There weren't as many walkers and runners this way, but I did reach a park with working water fountains.  Woot!  I ended my run at the Dunkin' Donuts just around the corner from our house to pick up donuts and coffee for Harry and Sophs.

My "Girlfriend of the Year" award-winning performance:

Week Five Wrap-Up:

Monday - 30 minutes of Yoga, 4.16 easy miles
Tuesday - REST (and stabbed self!  Boooo!)
Wednesday - 5.26 easy miles
Thursday - REST
Friday - 5.08 easy miles
Saturday - 10.53 ZOOMA training run miles
Sunday - 6 easy miles

31.03 miles for the week.
AND OMG @ THIS!  Check out the upper-right corner!

90 days out!  HOLY CANNOLI! 

Have a great NEW week, y'all!  <3


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