Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I Love Getting Mail [And AG'ing]

Mail is awesome when it's not junk or bills!  <3  Being a member of the Chicago Area Runner's Association pretty much rocks.  I got this Sweaty Bands headband last week, and I was stoked to see how pretty it is in person!  I absolutely adore the Chicago flag, and HAD TO have this headband!

This wasn't in the mail, but I totally demolished the sea salt and vinegar PopcChips during the Germany vs. Brazil FIFA World Cup game.

Did you watch that game?  Holy guacamole!   


I have age group'd a few times before.  My name was called out and I ran up to receive my medal in front of a bunch of people.  They cheered, I smiled, it rocked.

This time, however, was very, VERY different.  For one thing, it came in the mail.  Sophs carried it up three flights of stairs for me.  We opened it, and dominated the packing peanuts.  TIME TO CELEBRATE GETTING A BOX FULL OF SOMETHING WE DON'T EVEN KNOW CONTAINS!

Under all of those peanuts was this.  My (2nd place) age group award from the Energizer Night Race.  I MEAN WOW!  WOW!   

I later found Sophia making herself a shanty out of the box.  Oh to be seven years old and fit into small spaces!  And yes, the packing peanuts are in the bottom of the box.  She swears that this is the comfiest seat in the house.

Here's what came in my award basket.  So many batteries, razors, and flashlights!  Harry got a similar award for his age group, including more batteries, different flashlights, and different razors.  We got so spoiled with this one!

Mine and Harry's stash of batteries.  One thing's for sure:  We don't need batteries ever again. 

Please allow me to introduce you to our new "Flashlight Drawer".  Yup.  If the lights go out, you know where to go!

What is the best award you've ever received?  
-It doesn't have to be an AG award.  ;)

Are you keeping up with the World Cup?  If not, what's your sport or event of interest?

Any big dinners or meals you're looking forward to making this week/weekend?  Let's have it!


  1. Way to go gal! I'm loving that gift basket. It has all of your energizing needs! Bahaha, see what I did there? But no, really! Way to go!!

    -your GGS sista

  2. Awesome! Well done on your win!

  3. Sophia and I would get along swimmingly. As long as I don't have to clean them up, PACKING PEANUTS EVERYWHERE. And I do love a good box. Like a cat. That AG prize basket is something else, dude. Super cool. Best gift with award that I've received was back when I rode horses and you could win blankets when you were champion. I also won some silver plates, so that's pretty cool

    1. Oh my gooses, I rode (jumper), too! We REALLY need to meet up, doode!

  4. Congratulations on the award!

  5. That is by far the coolest award ever. Congrats!


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