Thursday, May 1, 2014

Left in the Dust...

4:30am wake-up = coffee and dance party in the Jeep on the way to the pool.

I needed to be at work slightly earlier than usual, so I made the workout a shorty.  Easy, peasy, mac n' cheesy 3 x 500 yards all done.  I used my paddles in the second set to shake things up a bit.

More PINK.  *le sigh*

My coffee spoke to me.  This explains a lot about myself, really. 

Later in the afternoon, Harry and I head off to the track to meet up with the speedwork crew.  We have a name and a website, by the way:  The Chicago /R/iver /R/unners, or 606 /R/iver /R/unners on the Twitter.  It's all still very brand new, so it's not set up yet, but it's live.  :)

It was spectacular out!  There were soooooooo many people out at the track; mostly soccer players.  Fearless Leader Greg had time intervals all organized and ready to rock out.  Since Stephanie and I have the half marathon this Saturday, we decided we'd take it easy for the same duration of the planned workout, approximately 45 minutes.

The guys immediately took off.  We had a new crew member join us, too!  Welcome, Andy!

This was mine and Steph's view for about 75% of the run.  The guys pulled way ahead of us, as we were just happy chatting along to our easy pace.  We ended our five miles at an ~8:32 average pace.

True to form, we hit up a local spot, Wild Goose Bar and Grill.  The food was just fine and the beer selection was good.  They had their trivia night going on, so it was pretty loud, but we managed to exchange pleasant conversation.  Also, their trivia level questions were set to "Master".  Go scratch, Trivial Pursuit...this game was the real deal Holyfield.

I think everyone besides Andy and I got the Goose Burger.  I felt like having brinner, so it was a Bacon, Egg and Cheese burger for me!

CHEERS to another terrific workout!  Andy's beer is in there somewhere.

I love how we wreck shop wherever we go.  We were RUNGRY.

Another great session in the books.  My legs don't feel wonky today at all.  I'll run a couple of shakeout miles tomorrow, then we're heading up to Wisconsin for the half marathon Saturday morning.  Since Stephanie and Greg are both running it as well, we're planning on meeting up after the race.  It should be an awesome time!
Do you have any race plans for this weekend?  Cheering or running?

Meat-eaters:  What's your favorite kind of burger?  
-I'm usually a sucker for an egg on top of my burger.  Avocado, too!

Do you like working out with others, or would you rather exercise solo?

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  1. Good luck this week! I am so jealous of your track workout--the closest thing I have is the tiny track at Lake Shore Park, and it is a mess. Then again, I can't run right now. But who's counting.
    Burgerwise, I am a bit of a purist, as in no cheese, but I love anything veggie on top--pico, avocado, roasted jalapeno, love picked onion. But this week Alex and I went to SideDoor and got their burger with bacon jam. HOLY BALLS


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