Friday, April 25, 2014

More Speed [And a Night Race]

Hey y'all, happy Friday!  The other night's Chicago /R/iver /R/unners speedwork session was awesome, and one that I wasn't too terribly anxious about.  Greg had posted the following workout:

Our Fearless Leader had also posted his goal paces, at which I made a squinty face.  I'm not sure I've run a 7:00 mile (on purpose) in a very long time.  Steph and I held our own and ended up really rocking out the final fast interval (1600 @ 7:30 pace).  

Um, this got a little artsy.  The session was tough, and taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.  This was during the cooldown, a.k.a. the only time I ran in front of Harry.

 We ended the workout with 25 push-ups again.  We've agreed to up the ante to 26 next week.  Bwahaha.

This week's re-fueling spot was Rockwell's Neighborhood Grill.  We toasted to a wonderful workout and enjoyed some pretty delicious noms.  

I'm not gonna lie:  the moment Stephanie mentioned that she wanted a salad, I wanted one, as well.  However, I wanted a BBQ Bacon Burger more.  How typical.

Three of us are running the Wisconsin half marathon next Saturday, so we discussed strategies for next week's workout.  I'm excited to see what we end up doing! 

In other news, Energizer contacted me regarding the Energizer Night Race here in Chicago on June 7th.  I have several friends who have run night races and events, with headlamps and all of that!  I've never participated in one, so I'm pretty stoked about being involved with this one.  From their website:

Light Up the Night!

The Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World is an illuminating 5K run for families and young adults.  The race will begin at sunset with every participant wearing an Energizer LED headlamp so we can light up the night!  This event will feature a pre and post-race celebration with fun activities, concessions and live entertainment.  

Energizer has teamed up with a nonprofit called One Million Lights, whose mission "is to improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy lighting. We distribute safe, rechargeable solar lights around the world, replacing dangerous and polluting kerosene lamps". 

I'll have more details coming up soon, including some giveaways from this event!

Did you get your regular dose of speedwork or other means of overloading in training?

Any fun plans this weekend?  It's nearly May, y'all!

Have you ever run in a night race or event?  Any tips?


  1. So I'm in that Reddit sub too, and I might actually be able to make it to a Wednesday track workout next week! But now I'm scared.

    1. You are DEFINITELY welcome, lady! It'd be like having royalty there. <3

  2. That night race looks cool. Bummed I can 't do it. Your workout group looks awesome. Especially the burger!

  3. I did a night 5k last summer and having lots of glow in the dark and super reflective stuff is always fun!

    1. What gets me the most is that this is a chip-timed race. I'm not sure that I can go HAM in the dark! :D


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