Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Running In Shorts [And Other Reasons To Visit Texas]

After frigid temperatures and wearing thermal gear for the past several months, it was a refreshing change to run in shorts today.  And no, I'm not in the Chi...we're in Texas visiting, running, and (ugh) getting eye surgery (tomorrow).
But back to the shorts...!
I just had to lol at this.  Seriously?!  I got up relatively early, thankful for healthy habits, I suppose.  I let Harry sleep in, but eventually had to go wake the Kid up.  I was starving and had to get our run on.
About thirty minutes later, we were out the door and enjoying the cool air.  Harry and I both suited up in shorts and long-sleeved apparel; we were somehow cold.  It was only 45*F, what the blurgh?  After running in (-)*F, you'd think we were burning up, but oh no.

I had forgotten my phone (of course, to take pictures...bag blogger!), so after a 1/2 mile loop, I had to go back into my parents' house.  Harry kept himself busy by taking a small loop through a cul-de-sac.

And we were off!
Holy grass!

And all done around 4.5 miles.  Harry is running the Dallas Rock N' Roll Half Marathon this weekend, so we just kept the pace very easy.  Truth be told, I have no idea just how easy it was; I just enjoyed his company and some hills, to boot. 

And the best part:  we got to come home to this!  I miss my Baby Bear so very much.  I have had this pup with me for nearly the entirety of her 14 years in this World, and I haven't had her with me since I moved to Chicago.  We live on the third floor of a three-flat apartment, with no yard.  I just know she'd be miserable there, even if she was with me.  My parents have been compassionate enough to love and take care of her since I moved.  And while she is the happiest puppy in the whole wide world, I miss her more than anything in my entire life.  She is and forever will be my BFF.


Harry and I hydrated a bit, then head out to Torchy's for breakfast tacos and Starbucks for some coffee.  What else would we do in Texas?!
We got ready and dressed up, head to my pre-op appointment with my eye doctor, then head off to my Aunt Jeannie's.  We stopped for some sustenance at the Walgreen's (including getting my prescriptions ahead of time...we aren't playin' around tomorrow!).  Harry got an Arnold Palmer iced tea, and I had a lovely *snack*!  I don't usually go for these.  I can make my own smoothies.  However, I didn't pack any of my normal snacks to take along with me in my giant purse, so I gave it a go.  YOLO, right?  :\

We then head off to my Aunt's new house (it's gorgeous!) to hang out with her and THIS HAM!

Brynn is my cousin's baby, and she just turned two years old back in January.  She's the coolest thing ever!

Brynn was certainly busy with her afterschool activities with Aunt Jeannie ("Gamma"), but she made some time for me!  She also wanted nothing to do with Harry.  "NO".  I didn't mind, since that gave me more time with her, hehe.

And she reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally didn't want for us to leave.  :(  "NO...!  NO NO NONONONONONONONO!!"  How heartbreaking!  I will see her again very soon, but holy guacamole, was it tough leaving her.
And speaking of guacamole, we ended up going to my parents' favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, and it's relatively close to their house.  Mom and I always get Margaritas (on the rocks, with salt, thank you very much).  With the surgery tomorrow, I didn't hold back.

And mmmmmm fajitas.  I probably won't be eating for so.many.hours., so in the grand tradition of a fast, I ate like it was my last meal.  Smart, huh?  *le sarcasm*

Eye surgery is tomorrow, you guys!  Please, please, please keep your fingers crossed...and pray that my eyes don't...seriously.  <3

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