Saturday, March 15, 2014


Did you just read that as the Wicked Witch of the West?

You know you did.  ;)  We'll get to that later.

Harry got to bring Sophs home last night, rather than our regularly scheduled Saturday afternoons.  I'm very happy it worked out the way it did, since it was her cousin's first birthday party this weekend.  This particular weekend was her weekend to take along Willie, their class pet (a stuffed pup).  We took pictures of our adventures, where Willie might have done things for the first time.  Sophia gets to write a little (what I think of as a blog post) essay on what she did with him.  Things like going to the grocery store...

Eating pizza...

A first for us in the house, including Sophs, SKOOKIES!  I learned about these from The Hungry Runner Girl.  What a beautiful blessing blogging can be...haha!

We watched "Frozen" (Sophia says she has seen it "15 times") whilst enjoying our Skookies.  It was mine and Harry's first time to see it, so of course, we had the soundtrack machine sitting on the couch with us, singing every.single.word.  In songs with duets, she sang both parts.  *le headtilt*

Snuggles, then a drama-free bedtime.  I got up pretty early the next morning, not wanting to cause any sort of delay for my nephew's first birthday party.  Harry and the munchkin were both fast asleep when I stepped out into the sunshine.  I couldn't believe it!

I got my booty out there.  I head out only wanting to do 5-6 miles at an easy pace.  I ran so happy!

THE SNOW IS MELTING!  Go go go go go go away, snow and ice!  I ran on the clearest sidewalks since last November!

And of course, happy feet = speedier feet than expected.  To be fair, I had some great tunes going, i.e. Jay-Z "Encore".

6.02 miles, and ended at the Dunkin Donuts about 1/4 mile (taking the shortcut) from our house to pick up some coffee for Harry and I.  I got home and found Harry and Sophs watching Spongebob in mine and Harry's bed.  HAH.  Cinnamon rolls for breaky, got ready and head off to see Louie for his first birthday!

Louie was napping for what was probably the first hour and a half of his birthday party.  Harry says "That kid's got life figured out!".  *le eyeroll*  We kept ourselves busy by visiting with Harry's family, schooling the boys playing basketball, and nom'ing.  I got a hold of Harry's other nephew, the newest addition to the family, Miles!

Finally, the birthday boy woke up!  Look at this little meatball!  He's such a happy baby!

He wasn't really all that impressed with his cake.  I mean really?  Harry sister, Samantha, was disappointed that he wasn't making a mess of it with his hands, but he apparently doesn't like getting his hands dirty.  Sam never really feeds him things that are extra sugary, so it's no wonder he didn't care for it.  :)

He was more interested in all of the kids there, playing basketball and running around.  He finally showed me some of his mad-walking skillz.

We had to rush out at some point to drop off Sophs.  It was fantastic visiting with everyone.  Harry has a really, really big family.  My family is very small (and very special!), so it's a little overwhelming sometimes with so many personalities.  However, this family welcomed me with open arms and big smiles, and have made me feel the most comfortable gal in town.  I feel like I fit, and that's a beautiful feeling.


Do you have a special thing you do with kiddos, whether they are your family or your own?

Did you race this weekend?  TELL ME ABOUT IT!

I have the biggest pile(s) of laundry to do tomorrow.  When do you typically do yours?

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