Friday, January 17, 2014

Finding Balance and Blessings [in Recent Moments]

I still can't believe I live here.  Seriously.  I have been living in Chicago since May of last year, and I'm still in awe every single day that I've built a comfy little life here!

I'm blessed to be able to feel blessed.  What a silly thought.  It sounds redundant, but I consider myself lucky in so many ways, and the actual act of being grateful is one of them.  This particular trait is something I usually have a strong affinity and passion for; but as of late, I feel like I have missed some steps!  We all learn to balance, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, environmentally, and socially (+hormones for SOME of us).  Sometimes all we feel we should be working on is balancing in just one of those areas; sometimes in several or all of those components.  One thing is for certain, most of us don't make a conscience effort to actively work on the balancing act of life.  For me, the effort begins with gratefulness, blessings, and joy.  Not just happiness.  But JOY.  Have you ever considered the difference between the two?  

From a short run in the morning, to working with some amazing kiddos, or just hanging out with Harry and Sophia (Harry's six year-old daughter), I am finding the balance and blessing in those moments.

Blessed to be running in gorgeous, early morning scenery.  This is the park near our home.

I get to work with kids with literally no fear.

Portrait: This looks like trouble

Sophs and I are never want for finding ways to sabotage Harry.  Poor guy.

Cookies from the most fantastic Running Foodie!  So blessed to call this lady my friend!

At this very blessed moment, I'm enjoying a cup of coffee, watching some "30 Rock" and gearing up for a going for a run.  How about THAT for balance?  Have a beautifully blessed, balanced Friday, y'all!  

Find your JOY!


OH and before you go, check out Fit Not Fad's Pose of the Week!  I'm stoked to participate in the series as she posts and encourages new and dynamic poses.


  1. =) I'm so happy that you've enjoyed Chicago as much as you have and that you're building a joyful life there. Any place you live is blessed to have someone like you.

  2. i love that you celebrating your life and blessings! that is important friend and continue to do so!

  3. Than you so much for sharing!! I love your outlook on JOY. So beautiful. Have a great weekend and enjoy that Chicago weather!! :)


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