Saturday, December 14, 2013

...Where Was I...?

Since my last post (circa July), the seasons have obviously changed quite a bit.  While there are generally two seasons in Texas ("Hot" and "Cool"), Chicago has proved to be a bit more complex.

Back in July, Harry and I were out and about on the trails.


Autumn came suddenly...


And was gone before I could blink!


   Running in the snow is pretty fun, as long as it's not that stuff that pelts you in the eyeballs.  Harry and I went for a short run last week in some fresh snow.  It was gorgeous out!

Harry took about ten pictures of me running.  I started wondering if he was going to rejoin me for our run through the park.

In other news, I did end up finding a job back in August!  I'm an Adaptive Physical Education teacher in a nonprofit organization's education center.  I'm so happy to have a.) gone from one nonprofit to another, and b.) to be working in adaptive again!  Most of the kiddos I work with are diagnosed with Autism (varied on the spectrum), and ALL of them need some physical activity in their lives!  I'm blessed to have the opportunity to share that with them.  :)

Stay tuned!  I plan on keeping up with adventures from here on out.  Harry and I have been so blessed to have done so many wonderful things this year, and I definitely need to continue documenting them.  Plus, you know you want to stick around to see how this Texan handles what will probably be a pretty crazy winter in Chicago!

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