Thursday, June 20, 2013

Starting From Fresh

So get this!  

I've moved from my beloved Country State of Texas to the Windy City!  I have only lived outside of Texas when I lived in Germany from 2001 to 2003, and I wasn't planning on living anywhere else ever!  After running the 2012  Chicago Marathon (again), I fell in love with this city.  My boyfriend (a.k.a. The man of my dreams, my Mr. Wonderful) may or may not have been a major motivator for me to move here.  ;)  So I figured, with a fresh life start, why not have a fresh blog start? 

Since moving here, I've broken out of my shell (you know how hard that is to do when you move to a new place!) to check out where I'll be LIVING!  I still can't believe I live here!  Training has lined up nicely.  I've easily found places to swim...

Places to ride...

And run!


The best thing about this city?  There is ALWAYS something to do!  I'm definitely looking forward to each and every little thing that this city throws at me, including all of the art, culture, the weather, sports...I even get tickled taking a trip on the Blue Line!  This blog will serve as a way for me to share my adventures here in the Chi, as well as training, foodie, and attempt to gain knowledge in all things Life!  :)  Stay tuned, yaya?


  1. Good luck with the blog and with training.


  2. Welcome back to blogging! I adore Chicago and might be a bit jealous when I see your pictures ;-) My sister is going to be there next week and I'm trying to figure out how to stow away in her suitcase!

    1. Thanks, heart! I guess our weather won't match up much any longer, huh? :P

      I don't blame you for wanting to hitch a ride! I'd love to meet up with ya' if you ever do make it this way (*le cough cough Chicago Marathon cough cough*). :D


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