Monday, January 22, 2018

Three Birthday Highlights + Goals for This Age

Hey, good morning and happy Monday!

Let me say this real quick (as though reading required a finite amount of time):  I do not usually make my birthday a big deal.  However, I've had a change of heart over it; nothing major, just pointing it out before the actual day happens is a huge leap for me.  I'm not even sure where this stems from, other than just not wanting a ton/an ounce of attention (?). 

At any rate, I'm talking about it now, lol.  Here are a few things that stuck out during what ended up being a pretty low-key birthday --

1.  Windy and I went for a 3.8 mile recovery run.  My legs felt fine, after having ran the half the day before.  It was warm -- ugh, 43*F.  Windy ran with her tongue dangling out of her mouth nearly the whole time.

After hitting my first 25-mile week in what *HAD TO BE* months last week, a 20-mile week (with only three runs) felt pretty good.  I'll bump it back up this week.

All of the snow and ice melting = Windy gets pretty dirty.  She cleans herself after we get done with our runs and walkies, but I seriously need to give her a bath this week.

While we were running, Harry ordered me some birthday breakfast! 

I had to get a ton of work done for school, and laundry.  I actually adult'd on my birthday ---- is this what "old" is?

2.  Harry and I took off to dinner around 5:30pm, and my Mom text me, right at the moment I was born.  Awwwww!

3.  Dinner at Kuma's.  Harry knows how to treat/feed/celebrate me.  We started off with fried pickles. 

And their mac n' cheese of the month -- THIS PLATE HAD TO HAVE WEIGHED FIVE POUNDS.  It had their house Mac & Cheese blend with Angus sirloin Philly steak, Caramelized onion, Sautéed mushrooms, Smoked Provolone, Giardiniera.

I ate maybe five bites and I was full.

We came home and I had more homework to finish *sad trombone*.  We had a rare brew to celebrate my day, and I mosey'd off to bed.  It was a solid day, and all I really needed.  All of the messages, calls, texts, and Facebook posts made my day!
Let's talk about goals for this age.  Harry asked me about this while we were at dinner last night, and I figured that was *blogworthy*.  I wrote about my goals for 2018 (HERE); to me, even though my birthday is so close to the new year, I like to make goals for my age.  I only really have two for this year:


As I said in my 2018 post, THIS WILL TAKE A TON OF WORK.  A ton of GRADUAL work.  I know that by the middle of the year, I will have a solid base, upon which I can rock that speed. 

I also need to get my strength back!  As a former bodybuilder and heavy (not necessarily *POWER*, but close enough), I haven't rightly learned how to build strength as a runner.  I'm practically starting from scratch.  It'll be interesting.  It'll be tough.  Like me.  (lol)

So yeah, that's pretty much it.  I want to focus on getting back to where I was, pre-injury, and for the love of Pete, stay there.  I'll have to restrain myself at times; I won't get anywhere if I'm not being smart and get myself injured/sidelined again.

Thanks for reading!  I hope that you have a WONDERFUL day!:)
Do you make new goals for your age?

Tell me about the last delicious thing you ate!

RANDOM:  What color are your running shoes?


  1. HAPPY BLIRFDAYYYYY to her credit, Yoshi did make us go to the hospital thinking we were going into labor yesterday. So there is that. I ate a skillet cookie yesterday and im going to say it was in your honor. Also yoy need the pancakes at Frances Deli next to us. Best ive had.

    1. Thank youuuuuuuu, friend! I READ THAT -- What is she thinking right now?! (Other than, "Gee, it's getting extra tight in here...")

      omg honorary skookies. <3 I love you! I can't wait to meet her!

  2. Happy birthday! And I love those goals... go get it!

  3. What a sweet text from your Mom. Happy belated Birthday!!!

    1. Thank you! She does something different each year -- posts a photo I've never seen before, tells me a random tidbit about the day, etc. She's kind of cool, lol.


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