Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I Spy on Windy and a Race Picture

Windy and I were LIT (not we know it now) during our run yesterday morning.  My vest, headband, and Windy's harness and hands-free leash are extremely reflective!  I wonder if you actually *could* see me coming from a mile away.

Snow had started falling probably an hour before we head out.  We lap around the nearby park, and coming back around, I saw only our tracks.  Guess no one else was interested in going this way.


A little over four miles done, and I was hitting the TriggerPoint roller.  My calves and hammies have been extra tight for a while.  I've actually never tried working on myofascial release right after a run.  I'll let you know how this goes after a bit.

Then it was off to work, where my fourth graders are working on their jump rope skillz.  We were also working on checking our perceived rate of exertion, so I think they realized just how hard they were working.

Kinders were much more low-key with some Yoga.:)

Harry and I got the Furbo just before Christmas.  It has been PRETTY interesting, spying on our pup throughout the day.  I can talk and listen to her, and can also send her treats.  I think she's a fan, too (about the treat part, mostly).

LUNCH = mac n' cheese and tomato basil soup.  The snow had stopped, but the temps were dropping pretty quickly.  It was like 54*F the other day -- it was 30*F at this point.

I taught my first and second graders, then worked with my sixth graders on Badminton.  They looooooove it!

I head home right after school, got a ton done around the house, and started on dinner.  I found these at Costco and ohhhhhmyyyygoshhhhh.  We're the biggest fans!  They're uncooked tortillas -- you just throw them on the griddle or pan, flip when they get bubbly, and blammo.  They're SO fresh, non-gmo, organic, and just downright delicious.

Ummm, hung out with Windy for just a minute while dinner was in the oven...

Harry got home, and dinner was ready shortly after -- green enchiladas (I made five enchiladas, keeping in mind that Harry would have three, and I'd get two -- I changed my mind at some point and we went splities on the fifth ench) with Spanish rice.  PERF for a Tuesday.

Just a couple of FYIs:

If you ran the F^3 5K or Half Marathon last Saturday, they have FREE RACE PICTURES UP!  I came out with some decent shots, which really never happens.:)

And a pretty good photo of us at the after-party (left to right:  Jeff, Harry, Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!, James, and Michael).  We're a pretty good-looking squad!

Also, ICYMI!!!!!!!!  Our Suz had Yoshi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex and I are so excited to introduce you to our daughter Emilia Clare Lemmer. She was born at 7:04 Am on 1/23/18 (her due date) at 6 lb 14 oz and 20 in. . . Emmie's birth was in typical Suz fashion -> getting it done with a few cards thrown in there, but overall it went very smoothly and i will have her birth story up soon! I am sitting in our hospital room right now listening to her breathe (still workiing through some boogers) and just in amazement of what the past year has brought us. . . Thank you to each and EVERY one of you who has been a part of our journey through life via the blog, social media, and in real life. Thank you for the love and support, the encouragement, curiosity, and real talk. We, I, couldn't have done it without you and the reminder to keep our eyes on the various goal posts. . . To our families, there just are never the right words. But I will try to find some of them by the time you arrive! . . For now, though, I'm going to go sit on an ice pack (glorious) and order food (ps the chocolate chip cookies here are SO GOOD). Xoxo #lemmerzoo #emiliaclare #babygirl #firstfamilyphoto #gratefulfor
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Have a FANTASTIC Wednesday, friends!  I'm going to be stalking your bloggies, as well as Suz's insta for more pictures of Emilia, formerly Yoshi!
Do you have an intention set for today?
-I try to set one every day, and really seem to stick to it.  If you haven't done this, give it a really makes a difference in your day.

How about a workout/training session?
-Yoga this morning, and running with the /R/iver /R/unners this evening!

Do you take good race pictures?
Nope.  Not usually.


  1. I know it's kinda early to hope for this, but I'm hoping NJ is done with snow and winter in general--I want warmer weather. :D... And yay for Costco! I'm gonna have to keep on the lookout for those tortillas!

    + yay for Suz!!! <3!!

  2. OMG those tortillas look amazing!! YUM! Also - YAY so excited for Susie and Emilia! Xo


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