Sunday, October 22, 2017

Impress Yourself

I did Yoga Wednesday morning.  It was humbling.  How is that even possible?  #PlotTwist

The truth is, while being injured, I figured that any movement may have caused my injury, so I skipped most of those movements.  Yoga, swimming (yup, even swimming), running, and cycling (for the most part) were out of the picture, as per my podiatrist.  Even the elliptical was iffy.   I didn't get the green light to do anything for about six months (about four months longer than I had anticipated/was told when deciding on the path of recovery by the podiatrist).  I did jump on the bike after getting the go-ahead, and while my motivation was high, I felt weak.  Pretty weak.

It's not like we don't all go through this phase at varying times in our training.  We could see this as an "off" day, a tough workout, an "I don't wanna/I'll find any excuse not to...", an acclimation, etc.  Sometimes being taken back to the very beginning is just what we need.  I have the knowledge of being at square 10+, but the fitness level of (what I would consider, in comparison to my former fitness level) square one.

Silver lining:  I really know what it takes to get back to where I was.

My ultimate goal at this very moment is to get back into shape, the fit shape that I know.  I have bigger/crazier goals than this, ones that scare the crap out of me, but we can talk about those later.  I'm not even sure how they're going to come about, but they will.

So for the first time, I peeked through my old Instagram.  "I used to do that!", "I was so on!", "How did I do that?!" = all of the phrases that rolled through my brain as I looked at numbers, Yoga poses, and finish times.  I impressed myself; well, to be more specific, my current self was impressed with my former, fitter self. 

Do you ever do that?  It's kind of fun to look back on one great time, a beautiful finish, a perfect day, and realize that it was the BEST.  I even found inspirational quotes and memes that made me smile.  While I was trying to motivate others at the time, I didn't realize that I would eventually need them for myself. 

For example

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Well this is enough babble for one day.  Thanks for settling in while I work through my thoughts and feelers on all of this.  It takes a while for me to process things, especially when those things have affected me this much.  I get to run a pretty fun 10K this morning here in Madison, WI.  Here's to one run closer to my goals, and impressing myself once more.:)

Tell me about a time you impressed yourself!  The more positive, awesome things, the better!

Training for today?  Long run?  Relaxing?

Rocking it out = Definitely on my list!


  1. I did that very thing you did, last night. I scrolled through my IG. I've been feeling badly about things, in general lately. Running has been a struggle--damn RA. I'm not loving my job at all. I won't whine about on my blog but there it is....

    1. And I'm happy you did. I feel like this has been a tough year for a lot of us! Keep scrolling, keep looking and reminiscing on amazing times (because I know you have them!), and join me in being super impressed with oneself. <3

  2. I have a mantra for myself and I use it with the athletes I coach as well. "You've done harder things." We all have. It's good to remember that.

  3. My thing is that it can always be worse.So let yourself feel the feels,then figure it out. We all need to have a moment.
    And you made it through goodness knows how long of one of the most frustrating injuries ever. You can do hard things.

    1. "I CAN DO HARD THINGS" has to be my favorite phrase of all time!<3

  4. :) Here's to a better day -- you got this!!

    Nicole @


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