Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Halloween Decorations + A Spin Workout!

Happy Wednesday, bloggie friends!  I hope that you're having a wonderful week thus far.

Windy sure is.  Girlfriend gets like four 30-minute walks, or three 30-minute walks and one run, each day.  So this is her in the morning:

And afternoon:

These two times of the day might be my happiest and most calm.  I love walking and running with her in the morning, and walking her in the afternoon just seems like a great way to unwind from my day.

Side note:  I know that this is cliche as all getout, but I can't wait to run with my Husky in the snow.  She'll probably be way better at it than me.

As for me thus far, Monday morning started with a solo spin.  I wasn't completely alone in the spin room for once; there were a few people chatting while working out.  It was nice!  I had my headphones in and watching "Will & Grace" on Hulu, and couldn't hear them, but I could tell they were having a good time.

BECAUSE I didn't feel like listening to music (?!!!! this doesn't really happen ever) during my spin sesh, I didn't have songs to apply certain spinning segments (i.e. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones = best climbing song of all time).  So I came up with a five-minute interval plan.  Here ya' go!

It's basically five minutes on, five minutes fast.  Remember to keep resistance on the whole time -- no one should be riding on "0"!:)

Harry and I tried something new:  this snack before dinner.  Not the snack part -- it was like an appetizer -- but it was...interesting...

...addicting...and interesting...try it.  Let me know what you think.

Tuesday morning, I took a blurry selfie while out on an easy three miler with Windy.  Good grief, she is getting faster as the weather gets cooler.  She tries to pull me for a little while at the beginning of our runs, as I yell "I'm not a sleddddddd!".  She eventually slows down and evens out her gait.

Favorite snack ever?  I don't know.  But it's a classic, and it totally hit the spot. 

In case your week is going kind of crummy, here are a couple of things that make me happy -- maybe they'll put a smile on your face.:)

My buddy Becky over on her Insta, inspiring everyone, and always making me smile!

And from the Runner's World magazine Instagram -- THANK YOU.

People who decorate their homes for Halloween rock my world.   These houses are around my neighborhood -- it's awesome knowing that I live next to such festive friends. 


And now that the weather is finally getting cooler (sorry, Suz -- that snow is well on its way), I feel like I can embrace all of the autumn things.  It's tough to do that when it's 80*F out, so I'm happy that the weather is finally coming around!
What is your favorite season (not necessarily to run or train in, but just enjoy overall)?

Do you decorate your home for Halloween?  Yes, a Jack-o-latern totes counts.:P

How are your training sessions going this week?  What's up for today?
-YOGA- for me!  My calves are a little tight, so I'm sure they'll appreciate a good stretch.


  1. Well, I always seem to be injured in the fall, but I love it, so I'm going to say spring and fall just to give myself more options to be functional.
    It is impossible trying to find someone to walk Ridley. And these are COMPANIES.

    1. UGH, BOO, Mama Suz! I'd offer my walker, but they're based here in my 'hood. I don't think they could get over to you, but I will certainly ask.

  2. Well snow came in downstate IL yesterday. I was trying to get in my first of many long runs and low and behold I get snowed on/pelted with sleet during a number of my miles.


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