Monday, May 8, 2017

I'll just leave this here...

I'm back, in more ways than one.

This has been happening for just a little while ---->

(Taken during my first run in 172 days -- sorry for the gum shot...I was REALLY excited.)

Thanks to PT Ed and Acupuncturist Eric, I'm back in the game, and I couldn't be more excited about it.  It's like having an old friend back with you.

To be honest, it's been about a month or so since I graduated from PT, and was given the green light to start running.  PT Ed gave me clearance to start with two-milers for about a week, then onto three-milers the next week.

After that, he suggested I just use the 10% rule from then on.  It's been going marvelously, friend.  So marvelous, I'm even running with the fellas at the track on Wednesday evenings.

They let me run in front this time.  I think they wanted to boost my confidence.😁

Oh?  Where are Fearless Leader Greg and Solemate Steph, you ask?  They're busy growing this right now.💗💗💗

So yeah -- a few solid weeks of running -- sans pain -- have been happening.  I'm not going to lie:  It's been tough.  There was a good six months of absolutely no running whatsoever where I'm positive I lost a ton of running fitness.

Nevertheless, I'm coming back, slowly (lol very slowly) but surely.  Don''t get me wrong:  I'm far from discouraged.  I think back to when I was having to take baby steps (even first walking without the boot on was a huge deal), and realize that I've come a really long way.

I'm still seeing Eric regularly (like twice a month).  I'm not really sure why he even took me on as a client -- I'M A MESS from hips to toes!  He's ridiculously amazing at what he does.:)

I'm showing you this because it was probably the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me during a session:  Eric hit a painful lump in my left foot (!!!!!), and after trying to work it out a bit (which hurt me a ton), he took my right hand and asked me to tell him when I felt tension.

I literally rolled my eyes.  Eric began prodding and poking the heel of my hand and moved slowly into the meatier parts of my hand.

There was no way that he could be serious...that the pain in my foot could be connected to my hand...

...until it was...

15 minutes later, the painful lump in my foot was G-O-N-E.  I CANNOT EXPLAIN THIS.  Eric tried to explain how this voodoo just happened, but I was too much in awe to listen to him.:)

Eric and PT Ed have done more for me than they will ever know (that might be a lie:  I've pretty much told them every *thank you* that comes to mind -- I even text Ed after my first run).  I'm happy to be back, but mostly, I'm happy to be back healthy!


In other news, I'll just leave this here...

Now, I'm not the biggest believer in "paying for it" kind of eating and exercise, but having running back in my life does make me feel better about some food choices I make.<3

LET'S TALK ABOUT YOU, BESTIE!  How are you doing?!

Have you ever gone to Acupuncture?  What did you think?

What's for dinner tonight?
-I still have no idea. :O



  2. Your smile says it all!! Knowing how hard it was for me to go without running for awhile, I can totally relate to your excitement!

  3. Yayyy! So glad to hear that you're feeling better!!! :D

    I really want to learn acupuncture! My advisor does it and I wanna see if I can learn from her! :P

    1. Thank you, sweets!

      That'd be awesome! It's fascinating as all getout.


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