Thursday, March 16, 2017

What are you listening to?

HI, GUYS!  Are you ready for 10 random things that I've been thinking about as of late? 

Good.  Herewego.:)

1.  So, I'm officially obsessed with story/fiction Podcasts.  There is something so romantic (like old-timey) about listening to stories, like how we used to with radios (think "War of the Worlds").  Do you listen to any Podcasts like these?  I've listening to "Limetown", and just started with this one (it started in 2009, for crying out loud!).

2.  Here's how my day started:  45 sleepy minutes on the trainer.  Do you like to train in the morning, or in the afternoon?  Both?  You animal.:)

3.  I was out the door by 6:50am, and after yesterday's fiasco 


I was excited to see traffic moving like a boss.

4.  LOOK AT HOW EXCITED I AM TO EAT!(One pouch of Trader Joe's Apple Cinnamon oatmeal, 1 TBSP Coconut Cashew butter, 1/2 TBSP Chia seeds)

I<3 you, oatmeal.

5.  I saw PT Ed last night, and it went REALLY well.

I GOT TO RUN FOR A MINUTE.:)  Ed gave me more exercises to do, then checked my running gait/biomechanics.  He said that I have great form (!!!!!!!), with a couple of things to work on when I get back to regularly running (i.e. turnover).


And speaking of which, it's going to be pretty tough when I get back to running.  I basically have to start over.  All over.  As in, when I first started running in 2008.  But I'm viewing this as a "I wish that I knew what I know now" situation.  I'm not 100% newb like I was nine years ago, and that'll make running life a little easier.

6.   And for real, on that note, life (in general) would be way more simple if we all took this picture seriously.  

7.  Back to food:  Ever get really proud of yourself over a great food idea?  Yes.  Me.  Always.

8.  Ummmm, I let this happen yesterday.

(Turn down the volume -- I got really loud with all of the excitement, lol)

9.  I'm SUPER EXCITED BECAUSE I GET TO SEE MY SUZ tomorrow night!  She has such a beautiful soul, has a wonderful talent for encouraging and lifting other up, is a fantastic athlete and trainer, and is extremely dedicated to the art of food porn:

10.  This weekend is mine and Sophia's FRIEND-IVERSARY!  We're celebrating, BIG TIME.


What Podcasts are you listening to?

Latest food hack that you're especially proud of?

What was the last fun thing you celebrated?


    just a little excited.

  2. It's not easy starting over, but sometimes you come out so much stronger because of it.

    I may just have mentioned a little mini-food hack on my blog this morning . . .


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