Thursday, January 5, 2017

That's One Way to Use $1100...

Hey, hey, hey!  Good morning, and HEY!  

1.  I was just sitting here and thinking about my breakfast yesterday.  I wasn't in a sweet mood, but more of a savory mood.  One sunny-side up egg in my oatmeal sounded SUPER tasty!

 2.  And then I started thinking about my yummy lunch.  Thank you for all that you do, Costco.

3.  Now I'm thinking about how gosh damn cold it got yesterday -- 

4.  And due to that -- now that I think about it -- it was so cold in my apartment, I decided to warm myself up by taking a ride.  With a long-sleeved tech shirt on.  Yup.  I warmed up quickly.

Also?  I matched my bike.<3

5.  I think that my set-up is pretty solid now.  I'm not facing the TV because A.) I have to rearrange the furniture every single time I set up my bike on the trainer to face it; and B.) I don't feel like doing that; so C.) I have it set up in the corner of the living room, with a mountain of $1100 worth of textbooks from college to give my laptop some elevation.

I did read them all, promise.  See how smart I am?

6.  One hour, done and done!  As I recall, I had to give myself quite a few pep talks to get through it.  I was watching Game of Thrones (yes, still...I'm working my way through the entire series [again] during the break!), and that kept me very entertained.  However, I'm half-lazy.  The half that isn't lazy has to boost the other half; and thankfully, the lazy half listens.

7.  Pondering forward ----> post-ride, post-bath (omg it was amazing) meal.  I clearly just love the snot out of eggs.  And putting jelly on your egg sammich makes you a rock star.  I only ate half of that gross-looking banana; I had to open the bottom end for once.

8.  Two weeks off from work is a long time, but it's completely and utterly necessary for Teachers, I THINK.  PLEASE BELIEVE ME.  Come to think of it, this will be me on Monday


9.   And then I'm considering dinners.  It's back to a busy schedule, and then getting home to make some grub.  Harry and I made a "home wish for 2017" to add more veggies to dinner.

10.  I'm REALLY stoked because some really awesome things are happening tomrrow!  Is Live-Blogging a thing?  That'd be Tweeting or Status Updates, right?  Hm.  I'll think of somethings.

Tell me about your workout for today!  Run?  Walk?  Yoga?  Spin?  Boot Camp?  


  1. See??? You DID use those books again! SEE YOU TOMORROW

  2. I feel like I'm not going to make it to the gym because it's supposed to start snowing after work. And I'll be too enamored by the snow! (I moved to TN from California so snow is a new concept for me!)

    1. I got you, missy! I moved to Chicago almost four years ago from TEXAS. I SO get you! :) Be safe, and hit it if you can!

  3. And here I was whining because I had to run in 24° this morning... Of course, I had to take my nylon shell off about a mile into my run because I had a long sleeve shirt on underneath and got too hot. My friends and I ran 5 miles at 5:30 AM and I'll do 30 minutes of yoga after I finish with clients this afternoon.

    1. I get hot while running, even if it's -something*F -- my gloves are the first thing to come off, about a mile in.:)

  4. I went outside yesterday, just sayin'. And Tom Skilling put my selfie on the news last night. Yep.

  5. It was almost 60 degrees here in MI last week, today I'm freezing my ever loving ass off in this 8 degree nonsense. I give teachers all the credit in the world, but I can not wait to send my 3 back on Monday! This break has been awesome so far, but yesterday and today...well, they have even turned on each other ;)



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