Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A day so good, I might repeat it today

Yesterday was our first day back in the Chi.  Harry had to work (boo), but I have the rest of the week to rest my body and brain (and emotions) before school is in session again.

I took that physical rest very seriously yesterday morning.

It's freezing in our house, so I figured some hot oatmeal would be the best decision of the day.  Organic obsession much?

With the spirit of staying warm because of food all day, I text Harry to see if he would like grilled cheese sandwiches with soup for dinner.  I guess half of the city was missing, thanks to some horrible fog, and the way he let me know made me lol.

Second-best decision of the day was hopping on Lola for a spin while watching Game of Thrones.  That is pretty much where Lola will stay -- on the trainer -- for the next little while.

Side note:  The dumb Apple TV remote fell from between my aero bars.  I need a remote holder for my ride.:)

I showered up and went to the store to grab our dinner (we had NOTHING in the house -- that might be the only yucky part about being away from the house for nearly a week and a half).  Amy's has my heart when it comes to soup!

I also picked up some fresh sourdough bread for the grilled cheese sammies.  They came out perfectly.  So perfect, I may have another one for lunch today.

Two things came in the mail yesterday that I was REALLY excited about receiving!

I ordered a Momentum Jewelry necklace last week, and was really stoked to wear it.  I chose "Unstoppable", because that is the spirit that I will embrace this year as I come back to running.  More on that later...!

 MORE PRESENTS!  Some running reads!

I'll be doing a review on each of them, but I'm sure if you're reading this, you know enough about Hansons.:)

The final shot of the day:  All rings filled.

Have an awesome Wednesday, friends!  It's supposed to get SO COLD today, so I might do a repeat of all of my Tuesday, haha.<3
What is your favorite running-related book?

Do you have a *word* for this year?

Do you have a favorite soup + sandwich combo?  Tell me about it!


  1. I just started Meb for Mortals and the first chapter is already getting me feeling like I could be an Olympian!

    Enjoy the week off! I went back to work yesterday and it was ROUGH.

    1. Oooo I think that is next on my list :D Enjoy the time off Tiffy! Text me if you wanna meet up!

    2. Same, Gretch! I signed up on GoodReads to finish 24 books this year, and his was the first one I picked up. These other two are coming swiftly afterward. <3

  2. Ohhh this post made me LOL. For all the times I've dropped things while on the bike trainer!!

    Your grilled cheese and soup looks delicious...

  3. SAME, girl!

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I have a few favorite running related books...just a few... my most recent book club read, Nowhere Near First by Cory Reese is probably my most favorite of the year. But there's lots of good ones on my blog...

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup? Love...


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