Saturday, December 3, 2016

On the hunt, and on the road!

No workout yesterday morning -- I had to drive to work with a friend that lives nearby.  Harry was picking up Sophia, then picking me up after school, so we can head out!

Not that I couldn't wake up and do some sort of workout around the house.  However, I was totally lazy and hadn't packed yet.  So my Friday morning was filled with coffee, packing, and stalking you guys.<3

It was a *Fire and Ice* kind of day for us.  You see children running ---- I see students exploring (space, reaction time, agility, speed, and awareness).:).

During my break, I realized that I was out of hot chocolate.  Yup.  My new obsession was no longer available to me (at the school anyway...I could've hit up the Dunkin' Donuts, but I'd rather be lazy and dramatic).  I was on the hunt!

I went to my Principal first; she always has the best hot chocolate.  Alas, she was out. *gasp*  After visiting three other teachers, whom all had concerned looks on their faces, I found someone who had the good stuff on them.

I had enough time to enjoy my lunch and an episode of "30 Rock".

True story, and Harry knows it:  There's only one man on the planet I'd leave him for, and that's Kenneth Parcell/Jack McBrayer.

One of my teacher friends made the CUTEST bulletin board!  So yummy.

And finally, Sophs and Harry picked me up and we were on our way to BELIEVELAND!

(Or Cleveland, if you don't subscribe to that idea.)

("The Cleve", is another option.)

Harry brought my favorite blankie to cozy up with for the trip.  It's been SEVERAL YEARS since I've been a passenger on a road trip, and I wanted to be extra comfy.

Side note:  I love my new car.  It's so thoughtful.  After about three hours of driving, it'll ask you if you want to stop for a minute.:)

So we did.  And this was dinner.

We finally made it to the Cleve, and Soph showed us her mad bed-jumping skills.  For about a half hour.  I wish I was kidding.

Sophs and I are off to watch Harry finish Christmas Story 10K!  Talk to you tomorrow!:)
Big city friends -- Is there a place you like to retreat to to get out of the busy-busy city in which you live?  Where is that place?

Anyone racing CIM this weekend?!

What is your absolute FAVORITE fruit?!
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  1. But here is the question: will it also find you the coffee place that it is tempting you will?

  2. That race sounds like so much fun. I'm only 2 hours from Cleveland so I need to do it! And MANGO is my fave!


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