Thursday, December 1, 2016

An "off" then "on" day!

Hey, y'all!  HAPPY DECEMBER!

Let's talk about my weird day yesterday.  I know that everyone has their *off day*, but this one was pretty goofy.  Don't worry!  Somehow, everything ended up "on" again.

1.  My Wednesday started out much like my Monday ----> 45 minutes Spin class with my fave instructor, and 20 minutes of rowing.  I've never been one to jump on the rowing machine, but I'm kind of digging it.  I'm not confident about swimming (flip turn + wall push-off hurts my heel), so this is a great way to work endurance with my arms.

2.   Fantastic workout aside, this was me yesterday morning: 

 3.    Me, in "winging it" mode.  Note:  Not from yesterday.  Just a random pic.

4.  On my way to work, my car decided to set the theme for the day. 

4.  I stopped by the store, completely ignoring the low fuel warning (I had plenty of gas to get to work, my car is just really dramatic), after realizing that I had forgotten my lunch bag at home.  REALLY.  How on earth would I ever forget FOOD?  I grabbed up some items that would be easy to make without a dish or bowl.  I somehow ended up with a craving for Vitamin C.

5.  And speaking of which, let's take a break from my goof-ups of the day to reflect on my new vitamins -- ahhhh, now I feel like a real adult.  It helps that they're delicious...I get excited about eating, and I don't care if that's kind of sad.:P

6.  BACK TO IT:  I was totally underdressed to go out for recess duty, so I had to borrow the Chicago Fire scarf that my President Obama (cutout) wears.  At this point, I really knew I was having a total OFF day.

7.  Lunch was just silly.  I had planned on hitting up Subway, but I no longer felt like being outside.  It was cold and cloudy out.  I'm still wearing Das Boot/Herman Munster boot to work, and didn't feel like walking four blocks for food.  I didn't have any dishes around, so I made some oatmeal in my coffee mug (that I had drank coffee out of prior to...see the coffee grounds on the side?), and nom'd with a plastic spoon.  At least it had peanut butter in it.

8.  Let's switch gears with this particular message.  "Off" days are good for us.  Challenges are great for us.  They're all there for wonderful reasons.  And as jokey as I can be about an awkward day brought on by procrastination and forgetfulness, it just goes to show that the spectrum of "difficult" can have a pretty large range!

9.  Something did end up turning my day around, though.  And I'll tell you what -- I'm not even ashamed that it was something yummy.  Around 1:00pm, after watching the sky gloom over even further and the temps drop even more, I randomly remembered that I had pouches of hot chocolate mix in my desk drawer.

I couldn't tell you if I was happier that I got to have a warm treat, or that I remembered something.

Probably the former; I always remember that I have sweet things and where I put them.  Always.

So there I was, suddenly enjoying an 'on" day.  Sometimes all it takes is something small to put life into perspective.  And that something small for me was hot chocolate.  Bless.

10.  And seriously, I'm way ahead of the game when it comes to other things.  Like decorating for Christmas.  I'm REALLY excited for Christmas this year.  Soph nails putting the star on the tree every year!

Also?  Home isn't the only place where I decorate for the holidays.  I can't help myself...I look forward to doing my bulletin board each month.  After putting up the decorations around the house the other day, Sophia and I realized that we had some light strands leftover with nowhere to go.

Until now.<3

AND?  The lights twinkle.  

Thanks for the linkup, Amanda!

When was your last "off" day?  Did you turn it around at some point?

What was your last workout where you surprised yourself?  Tell me about it!

Favorite way to WARM UP from being outside in the cold?  Is it a beverage, a blankie, a snuggle...?


  1. And this is why I love you (also, NEW CAR). But even more so because I get to see you tonight!!!

  2. Yesterday seemed to be an off day for lots of folks! I went to yoga in the morning, it was sunny and gorgeous. Came out of class an hour later and it was cloudy and cold. WTH? It threw me off!

    1. That is freaking comforting, man. I really thought I was just out of my mind for a while, and it helps to know that I wasn't alone.

  3. OMG the low fuel would freak me out, I can't stand it when i get one of those warnings. But sweet treats, yes i can locate them with my eyes closed

    1. My Mom will not let her fuel gauge go below 1/4 tank -- she's seriously afraid of running out of gas. Haha

  4. I've been "off" a bit with this wonky hamstring. But getting into the Berlin Marathon yesterday turned me ON!


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