Monday, October 3, 2016

I let an injury get to me (A LOT OF BABBLE)

Hey, guys -- longest time, no see!  You know how life catches up with me (often), and I take a little (long) break from here?  Well, it was more like *life + no training + lack of motivation + injury + ughhhhhhhhhhh* this time around.

Here's where I left off ---------> a shot in my left heel.  I felt determined, but very confused about my condition.  Was it Plantar Fasciitis?  Was it a soft tissue damage?  Stress fracture?  I grew more and more frustrated with the lack of comfort in my foot (it didn't only hurt in the morning when I got out of bed; a sharp pain existed sometimes throughout the entire day!).  This was AFTER I had seen the podiatrist.  He had a loose diagnosis of PF, prescribed Physical Therapy, and told me to keep him updated.

The shot worked for 24ish hours.

And for the first time in my entire life, I let an injury get to me.  I lost all motivation.  ALL.  I had NO desire to go to the pool (flip-turns and pushing off from the wall hurt my foot), to hit the bike, to go out for Yoga (actually caused pain in my foot, as well), at least on a consistent basis.

I ran a few times.  My foot continued to hurt, so after a month of PT, I saw the Pod Doc again.  This time, he gave me a six-day steroid, and some orthotics.  My feet felt better after walking around in them, and I eventually ran a couple of times again.   I woke up the next day and hobbled around in pain, placing as much as weight as possible on my right foot.  The pain in my left foot was awful; I even lost my breath when I placed too much weight on it.  I got massages (good ones -- not nice ones, haha), and my foot STILL hurt.

I have to be honest with you:  I have never lost my motivation to get my sweat on.  Like, ever.  I can't help but wonder that this has slowly but surely been creeping upon me, just waiting for a reason to throw in the towel.  I can't explain why, and I don't even want to analyze it.  It's like I had forgotten what I wanted and needed every single day.

All I knew at that point was that I was often waking up and hobbling from room to room of my apartment; confused, frustrated, and *thisclose* to loathing a life without running.

More inconsistent training.  Yoga here, spinning workout there, a run there there.  *Meh* training, if anything.

It wasn't until this past week where I realized this, though.  I, literally and figuratively, put my foot down.  I have had enough of 
A.) Not getting my workouts done, 
B.) Being lazy, 
C.) Eating like crap (stress eating), and 
D.) having had lost myself (this one, in particular).

I pretty much pride myself on being active in "Practicing what I preach"; so how am I supposed to tell young ladies that fitness and wellness are SO important when I'm in a horribly lackluster fog?

I think the worst of all of this was the idea that maybe I had reached the end of my time as a runner.


That idea, even typing it, hurts my feelings.  For eight years, this has been something I never questioned.  NEVER.  "Do I want to run today?" has NEVER been a question that has entered my mind.  And here I am, asking myself that question for the first time.  I suppose that I should thank my lucky stars that I haven't had to deal with an injury like this before, that feels like it has stolen a part of me.  Or that I have an injury that will still allow me to run.  It's just a very scary thought.

That being said, I need to get back to my fitness.

I woke up.  I'm back at it, starting (yesterday).


I got Snapchat.:D

I have never taken prettier pictures than I do with Snapchat!
******PLEASE NOTE******** Most of my pictures aren't of me!  Haha.:)

Add me, fools!  My Snapchat username is (duh) "TheChiAthlete".

ALSO.  I started something new, and I can't wait to tell you about it.  I'm writing the post on it, and that should be out this week.<3

As always, thank you to our beautiful Diva, for hosting #MIMM!

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Enough about me (like, so much of me) ---- HOW ARE YOU?!

Do you have any races coming up?

Name a workout this week that you're looking forward to?


  1. Your foot injury is frustrating for ME. I want to Macgyver-like figure it out for you. I'm over it!

    1. The good news is that it's getting SLOWLY BUT SURELY better! I woke up this morning, hopped out of bed, and didn't hobble to the bathroom. It's the little things. LOVE YOU!

  2. I hate those nagging injuries! I had PF for a long time. To this day, I roll my feet on a tennis ball every morning to loosen it up. Don't wanna deal with that again. Have enough other things pop up here and there. All summer it's been my knee. Thankfully I bike as well, so I've been doing a ton of that and nearly no running, but I'm slowing getting back to the run.

    1. BOO! I hope your knee feels better soon, and I hope it's nothing more than ITB tightness.

      And you can come run with me.:)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your injury! It's so frustrating when you're not getting better and don't really understand what's wrong. I had to stop running as frequently due to an injury about 5 years ago. I do about six miles a week now (split 3 and 3). I do a lot more strength training and bodyweight exercises. And honestly I felt my body is in the best shape it's ever been in. I wish the same for you and that you can find joy in sweating another way besides running!

  4. Bugh! Sorry this is still bugging you. Hard to be motivated when pain stops you in your tracks. I hope it calms down for you soon!

  5. Oh man it's like I wrote this post! I've been injured for an entire year now, and I'm worried I'll never run again at this rate. I'm currently only able to run 1 minute at a time and still feel pain, so something is clearly wrong. I'm going back and getting a second opinion, but it's just so frustrating to lose your running identity and have every workout hurt. I hope you start feeling better soon and that we can both get back to running!


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