Thursday, August 4, 2016

What I'm looking forward to, random, & INJURY UPDATE!

Well, I have a thousand things going on in my head today -- I can't tell if that's a good thing, or a bad thing, or if it just means that this is the perfect moment for me to prioritize some randomness....?

Yeah, the last one.

1.  Yesterday I head downtown for my appointment with my new Podiatrist (I don't have an old Podiatrist; I'm just really happy about the guy being in my feet's life).  I nearly lost my marbles when I realized how close the hospital was to Eataly...where my tummy's heart lives...Harry and I deserve a visit really soon.

2.  My appointment was scheduled near lunchtime, and since Chicago traffic is so hit-or-miss, I didn't know how long I'd have to be hungry.  Believe me, that's an odd fear.  SO, I took my lunch with me an hour beforehand.  Oatmeal + half a banana + a tbsp of cashew butter, and a splash of the protein powder that Suz gave me.  If you've never tried the powder ---> GRAB A BAG.  It's delicious in smoothies, and I learned long ago that vanilla protein powder in oatmeal is a total game-changer.  Also, oatmeal doesn't photograph well, so just know that I tried to cover it with the Bob's Red Mill bag as much as possible while still getting the idea.:)

3.  So THIS is where my left foot has been hurting.  It has been two weeks and four days since my last run, and it was a week before that run.  That run, in particular, absolutely annihilated my left heel.  I hobbled around the house for two days, and asked for a referral from my wonderful Doctor.

So I finally got to see the Pod-Doc yesterday.

Side note:  Lol @ how much more tan my arms are than my legs -- they never get any color!

And THIS is where I got a shot of Cortisone.  I'm a total weirdo and watched the whole thing.:P  Needless to say, my foot was pretty tender for the rest of the day, so I bailed on going to the track with the gang.

4.  RANDOM RUNNING FACT - it's never too early to get socks to run in for theme races.  Ever.

5.  While I was visiting my family last week in Texas, I decided that I needed to get my Mom out walking.  She usually does walk, but like most people, she makes excuses.:)  So we did the most rational thing possible:  Download Pokemon Go and go crazy.  We walked every day, every where!  She's still going strong with her Pokemon Go game, so I guess I should get this shirt for her.

6.  I also got a ton of selfies with my BFF ------ 4 years, going strong!

7.  So as I'm mentally prioritizing, and as my left foot is feeling less tender, and virtually pain-free, I'm getting SO excited.  I've let the inability to run really wreck me.  But now that there's a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm feeling all of the happy things again.  I actually had a dream last night that I was running....and it was nothing short of glorious.  Visualization = one of my favorite games to practice, and I'm so pumped to feel it for real!

8.  And you know what?  Today I get to do THIS.  I've never been to Physical Therapy in my life.  I can't imagine all of the wonderfully dreadful things I'll get to do, but once again, I'm excited!  It's one step (ha) closer to healthy running!

9.  Things I'm looking forward to when I get back to running, and goals through PT:

Like, really can't wait.

Running to good tunes!

For Suz:  #MatchingGoalz

Of course. <3


Being honest with my husband

Running with the gang.

10.  God forbid I end on an odd number for #TOLT.  Here's something random AND topical.  Have a great Thursday, friends!

<3 Thanks for the link-up, lovey!

Do you have any fun plans set for the weekend?

Tell me ONE THING you absolutely love about running!

Have you ever gone through Physical Therapy for a running injury?  Tell me about it!


  1. YAS for matching! #goals #challengeaccepted Fingers so crossed that the shot works for you! I went in yesterday and basiclly they think the hip thing is ligament + some disc dysfunction. SO not something that I have to worry about, but not something that I can really fix. Le sigh.

  2. some woman fear the fire. Others become it. Lol , i like it

  3. Glad to hear you are ok and run again! ^^So good!


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