Monday, February 8, 2016

Well-Rounded Weekend+

Yup.  I'm gonna start this Monday with a grouchy face.


"Go away.  I'm pre-celebrating World Nutella Day."  They know better than to mess with me while I'm eating.

THIS is my new favorite thing to do in the Jeep ----> listen to my favorite lady of all fitness and wellness time.  I seriously have no idea why I've been listening to FM radio every single day, getting frustrated with commercials and boring tunes.

Yes.  I'm a Jeep owner.  I'm not used to Bluetooth stereo or Sirius radio.  What I am used to is manually locking my doors and rolling my windows up and down.


I started the day (OFF!) with a quick run.  No sooner did I finish my run did my Suz text me to let me know that she was heading over to my crib very soon.

Off to sushi and mani/pedis we went!

It was seriously the best way I could've spent my day.  I haven't seen Suz in months, and my feet haven't seen any sort of cleaning brush or lotion in even longer than that.  We got pampered and had some awesome convo.  The usual.:)

After Suz dropped me off, I head out to pick up Harry and go grocery shopping.  I had one thing on my mind going through TJ's.

And yeah.  Harry and I shouldn't go shopping at Costco when we're the least bit hungry.



Please.  Do not.  Be jealous.  Of . My.  Fashion sense.

I put in some study time while Harry ran, and he brought me home something yummy.  Veggie Delight, ftw.

Along with my sammich, Harry brought home this thing.  She was extra cuddly all afternoon.

And then we had the (VERY) bright idea to go to our favorite place!  She's all about the Shopkins (SEASON FOUR, OMGGGGGGG! [From last Christmas]) and Minecraft cards.

We decided to bounce over to BRGRBELLY (that's right, twice in one week, basically!) for some fine root beer and tasty burgers.  Sophs has never been there, and we were relieved to find out that she LOVED it.  RELIEVED, I tell you!

She especially loved the butter cookies that come along with the meal, so we nabbed a mason jar full of them.


 After dropping Sophs off, we hit up the Super Bowl shindig at Fearless Leader Greg and Solemate Steph's house.  Just a head's up:  We were rootin' for Carolina; guess it would've been nice if they had showed up to play last night.>:O

Nonetheless, it was fantastic to hang out with some awesome friends!

Squares and prop bets.  Along with my squares at work, I think I lost about $20.00.  *le sigh*

I won it back in food, though.

And the real stars of the show!

I think I had the best seat in the house.  With about 13 people in the apartment, I think I had the best seat in the house.  Game to my right, and good conversation to my left at the table.

But really, Harry had the best spread of the evening -- he decided to take a dessert tour.

Some pretty solid work this past weekend!  So marvelous.:)

Super Bowl watchers -------> Did you do it up with friends, or chill at home?

When was the last time you pampered yourself?
-It had literally been last year since I got a mani or pedi.  Thank goodness, I went with someone who understood.:P


Do you listen to podcasts in the car?  Which ones?


  1. I seriously wish that Friday could happen again, every single damn week. It was simply MAGICAL. Plus, cat videos. So unicorn level magical.

  2. OMG, I need to go to Costco to get those bags of chips!!


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